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  1. I'm getting critical error in the loading screen. Not working in H5 at least for me
  2. same here. Just searched through the entire post and nothing
  3. Hi everyone, after spending the whole day looking for information and trying to add more icons for macros in L2 H5, I've failed big time. First I've tried downloading some files already edited with a lot of icons but when I replace in my files they don't appear In game. I know they are edited coz I've look for info in the forum and found a lot of guides with different apps (l2tool, l2editor, mxencdec, unrealengine) and I opened the l2ui.utx with l2editor and in macrownd appear different icons. I've tried using the programs but didn't know how, all the encrypting, decrypting, saving
  4. U know that I've the same problem and can't find solution yet. I've been replacing all the other files except from interface.u and work fine, but when I try to replace that file, get a critical error.
  5. And all the post I'm reading/looking when I try to open the links in the post im getting error..Its only me? Also the search function is not working properly. But at least the links inside maxcheater I need them to work so I can follow some instructions. Thks
  6. Looking for a walker, l2net or whatever that works on l2null. IP: I've tried all and I can't bypass their security
  7. Y works for God... though I haven't tried ur server! And Yes, u can open more than one.
  8. Oh f*ck that sh*t!! jajaj well thats too bad! thks anyway. Keep up the good work
  9. hey man, I'm not able to make it work... Do u think it could be the server has protection against l2net? is l2null server. I know the l2null official server has protection but they opened a beta server and it's not working there either.. If u can try to see if u can manage to make it work I'll appreciate it. Server name: l2null.com server ip: U just have to download the new patch and give it a try..accounts are auto-creatted(coz its a beta)
  10. Y man sorry! I was going to edit it again coz I just saw it! I'm Really sorry! Well now I have to say it ! Perfect guide :D ajjaja thanks man
  11. One of the best guides I've saw around, because of the step by step and the pictures helps a lot. Gratz dude and thks a lot for the help
  12. me too! I'm still looking for a solution but I can't find it :S