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  1. Niice, i like your design! Good job mate, i'm glad this guide helped you
  2. Cmn AchY, you should have know by now, in order to edit these you need skills
  3. με τοσο "bullying" που ετρωγε δεν νομιζω να ψηθει ποτε να γραψει για το φορουμ χδ εκτος αν γραψει κατι γαι χαβαλε
  4. Can you contact me and provide the required information for proofs and i will restore your reputation. Also @Ragnar™ if he indeed have what he says it will be your one and only warning regarding accussasions, as we mentioned several times in order to call someone scammer you will have to provide the required proofs, claiming you rule the server and you know everything about the players and its items isn't a proof we can use.
  5. If you didn't care you wouldn't mention any of them at all dude xD What i'm seeing is you saying "we're better then them" and then you fail every project you've started.
  6. All i can see is you crying about everyone doing better than you. I wasn't "attacking" you i was speaking in general about the admins giving players money to play on their servers and that's why i said that i don't only speak about you but i guess success of others is making bad to you. And especially Saga's success that you even tried to take the players on your crappy server xD
  7. And that's why players asks for money to play on your server and any other server that does the same thing and this is one of the reasons l2 is dying, because players won't play on a good server because of its features they're going wasted because you (and ofc all the owners that do the same thing) are making them gold diggers, playing only for money. L2 was supposed to be a thing we did on our free time and we loved playing it. Now it's just a business for both players and owners.
  8. Έχει γίνει τόσο ωραία (ΝΟΤ) η χιπ χοπ φάση που ο Γκέκας πλέον είναι ο νούμερο ένα στις λίστες που ακούω
  9. Is it that hard to read rules before posting? You didn't post in the correct section and your prefix was wrong as well, how the heck you want to get help if you don't even post in the proper section with the proper tag so people knows you need help on something?
  10. maybe you unselected the image and tried to select it again, you have to keep the selection from the first image and then move it to the second one and fit it properly then remove selection.
  11. Topic title updated. Next time follow forum rules. Now regarding this I can vouch regarding what @IgniteServer said, so yeah i don't think anything changed at all.
  12. Is it that hard to read rules before making a topic? Title updated. Next time read rules if you want to keep your topics.
  13. We've said this tons of times. Make a report topic in report section with all the proofs.
  14. Np just informing for you the next time.
  15. Title updated. Next time please read rules before making a topic.
  16. http://www.l2jdevs.org/index.php/source/
  17. Next time spend some time reading rules. You made the post in the wrong section with the wrong prefix. Also try to be more specific regarding title if you want to get help otherwise with your old title none would know the problem you have before they read the topic and they wouldn't even spend time to read and decide if they can help you or not.
  18. Banned. And no more last chances for @MidnightInTokyo.