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  1. Finaly an epilogue server. Is it open? If not when it will go live? Give us more information.
  2. @DumanisT Hello. Please post full conversation and also a proof of how you contacted him and got his skype so we can verify what you said and that you indeed made a deal with this member.
  3. Next time make clear which member you report because it looked like you report the topic author and not the second poster. And read the report topic.
  4. @JeFRy your account is now unbanned.
  5. Trusted person. Good luck with your sales mate!
  6. Use shift + click on npc to open its stats and info and check the npc's id from there. Then go to your html folder on your server files and i guess since it's for skils this file should be inside the folder trainer find the html by its id and edit it.
  7. Κάνε ένα bypass μέσω του CB να ανοίγει αυτά τα functions, δες πως είναι το call στα classes τους και φτιάξε το αντίστοιχο στο community.
  8. Hello and welcome to MaxCheaters. In order to make a topic in marketplace you need 10 posts. Feel free to make discussions on our forums, share something if you want, or make a tutorial or something and when you reach the minimum post count required you'll be able to make a topic in marketplace.
  9. Title updated. Read rules next time!
  10. Title updated. Next time follow section's rules!
  11. Something is wrong at your Donate Configs for your Community Board.
  12. In my opinion they're not scammers in the way that they will take your money and give you nothing. They are overpriced scammers. They will sell what you can get with example 300 euro for 600. However everyone is allowed to do whatever he wants, it's up to the buyer if he decides to pay double the money for something they don't even made on their own just got it ready and did some changes on it. This is my personal opinion obviously just by knowing the scene of l2development it may be correct it may be not.
  13. Title updated. Next time follow rules! If your server is not L2J and it's L2OFF just edit your title to L2OFF.
  14. It's an amazing tutorial and well explained. One thing i would recommend is when you import the images untick the Generate MipMaps this way when changing to lower graphics the quality will be the same and not blurry. Thanks for sharing bro!
  15. That's indeed very helpful. Thanks for sharing buddy!
  16. Title updated. Next time follow the rules!
  17. Title updated. Next time follow the rules!
  18. Title updated. Next time follow rules!
  19. We had a tutorial but i just found out that images were dead i will make a new one soon.
  20. @shopsocks5 I told you again and you don't want to understand. Bump your topic using bump button and update your first one, if you keep posting more replies i will junk your topic!