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  1. Such amazing works. Recommended for sure! Trusted :) Best of luck with your sales mate
  2. Is it that freakin hard to post the proofs on report section and make a frekin report topic about that instead of posting here and making us say the obvious?
  3. Psyancy


    User banned.
  4. It was made for classic and tested on H5 as well but with some small modifications it can work in interlude as well, the only difference is the dimensions the IL got less width and height
  5. Can you please post full conversation and a payment screenshot as well?
  6. Hello Cheaters. This is a Community Board i've made some time ago for a client and since i liked the design and the server is no longer online i decided to share it with everyone. Keep in mind that the files you will get will be the HTML files and the required client files for the textures. There are no java codes and there is no particular order all HTML files are named after their pages so you will have to edti your own files and add the bypasses and java side yourself. A Preview of the Home page: And here you can check all pages The ra
  7. We mentioned several times DO NOT trust people like that. You can always use a middleman or let a mod know that something is fishy so we can check him he was linked to another banned accounts and it was obvious he will scam you he didn't have l2 installed or any scerenshot and yet you still send the payment. Anyway user banned next time please be more careful.
  8. Moved to live section. When you have a topic on previews and you go live please let us know to move it on private servers don't make a new topic because it will get deleted you're allowed one topic per server. Good luck with your server.
  9. Good job, they are kinda similar (not in quality way but they used to look almost the same way back) so it won't confuse you.
  10. The best team out there. Best of luck mates :)
  11. Title updated. Stop making mass topics. There is a reason your topics get junked. Read forum rules before making a post and make a post in the proper section. @L2Discordia Read rules and edit your post otherwise i have to junk this one as well.
  12. You can see the link after posting. Go to first post since you made a reply and you will be able to see the link.
  13. Title updated. Read rules next time!
  14. L2jPS is outdated af, they stopped working on it since 2014-2015 and it was always a bad pack. There are a lot of free projects out there newer and working try one of them and don't waste your time with this.
  15. First of all i wasn't mad that you spoke to another designer, i was mad because you contacted me some time ago for something and then you just ignored me and contacted another person for the same reason and ignored him as well and what you don't know is that this guy was my partner so yeah seeing that you do that to both of us makes me suspicious and with that said obviously i didn't trust you at all. I talked to you about that on my topic and you didn't listen, i deleted the feedback because as mentioned and in some comments on this topic what you did was abuse of the feedback
  16. I have all icons in .tga format if you want but it will be pain in the ass to import them all into unreal since you cannot add them all at once
  17. Spend some time reading rules before posting next time. Prefix and title updated.
  18. Title updated. Next time follow forum rules!
  19. You were banned on main account way back for scaming and yesterday i remembered your name. That's why.
  20. No need screenshots are enough. Even if he indeed waited for his partner he could at least talk you down and let you know or pay the money from his side and wait to get the payment from his partner since he already used the paysafe and just stop talking at all. Therefore, member is now banned.
  21. Can you please make screenshots. Texts are easy to edit we don't want the other member to come back and claim that texts has been edited (even if they don't there is no way to prove it if we don't have the screenshots).
  22. Finaly an epilogue server. Is it open? If not when it will go live? Give us more information.