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  1. Hello, needs a complete script that will reward players who vote for the server. You will vote for the server , and you will receive an in-game prize in your backpack :) . L2J has a mass of such scripts and database upgrades. Players often ask about rewarding for voting. I dug the whole internet in search of something similar. Without result... The files I use are AdvExt64 GFIL.
  2. Hello :) , I need a working HopZone "Vote catcher" for l2off files. I dug through the internet. Since the no longer working Vote cather Vanganth, I have not found mention of a new working version for L2OFF files. Of course I will pay for the script.
  3. Strona: www.l2presence.com Forum: http://www.l2presence.com/forum/ FB: https://www.facebook.com/pg/L2presence.Lineage2.Interlude/posts/ Dear friends! We want to invite you to a new, best Interlude server x4. Beta Test (x40) server will open in 26.06.2020. Official opening, one week after beta testing end. Rates: XP/SP – x4 Adena – x4 Drop – x3 Spoil – x3 Quests – x1 Seal Stones – x1 About the server: - L2off server files -The Chronicles – Interlude - Server time – UTC +2 - Classic style of play - Offline shop - Balanced GM shop in the game - 20 b