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  1. So it took me an age to get into the forum, even with google translate it was a struggle as it is all in Polish. Not an issue if it is a PL server, but since you are advertising it here in English then clearly you need to rethink your market. I know Graveland would offer stability in a time you don't really have it in Interlude at these rates (by that I mean between x3-x6 since you do have some long term x1 projects still going) but that is going to put off 90% of international players I believe. That is unless it is going to be a PL server, then I will question why is it being advertised in English here....
  2. Just a small tip, stop acting like a douchebag and making accounts on other similar servers to spam out about your server in giran. It really makes your server look desperate and childish. So people will take this server seriously, there are literally thousands of places to advertise gaming servers(twitter, facebook, gamesites, youtube, twitch, vebo, etc....), don't advertise on other peoples work.
  3. Are you not an admin/owner of the sight? It doesn't give much confidence when you say..... we hope so too.
  4. Lets hope it will last, that the owners are in it for the long term, and not just another 3 month low rate server.
  5. Somebody wants to boost up his post count! You say you have worked on this for a few months, so have you fixed the most basic of things, such as solo rb in Silent Valley?
  6. That AIO buffer kills the server sadly :(
  7. Looking like it will be a lovely server! Best of luck
  8. Its a nice server, having to quest for subclass. Having to do 3rd class quest(unless you wanna spend vote items to get it....). Lower rates for mats and stuff, lower rates of adena. Just one thing I would change, only one. Make auto pickup! Collecting all those drops alone :alone:
  9. -== L2Parfenon Server Rates ==- XP: x 75 SP: x 75 Party XP: x 1.5 Party SP: x 1.5 Drop: x 700 Spoil: x 700 Adena: x 65 Quest Drop: x 50 Quest Reward: x 50 Seal Stone x50 Quest Exp/Sp Reward: x 4 Quest Adena Reward: x 4 Manor: x 2 Raid Boss drop: x 10 Grand Boss drop: x 1 (1 Jewell's by Epic Raid Boss ,drop chances are significantly increased. ) Manor: x 2 Vitality System ( First players joined characters will receive (custom status x2) for 6 h reward ) -== L2Parfenon Enchants Rates ==- * Max weapon enchant: +16 * Max armor enchant: +10 Max jewels enchant: +10 Enchant Chance 60% Blessed Enchant Chance 75% Enchant rates are lowered to provide a more balanced gameplay and a retail-like environment. -== L2Parfenon Features ==- Max Buff A-beep-t: 24+4? (still undecided) Dances & Songs: 59min. ? (still undecided) Drop Protection: Enabled Weight Limit: x100 Max Subclasses: 5 Max Subclass Level: 80 Subclass Without Quest: Enabled Nubles quest* Full -==L2Parfenon Custom Features ==- GM Shop: Armors, Weapons and Jewels up to C-Grade. Misc and consumables as you need. ? (still undecided) Npc Buffer with all 2nd class buffs and prophecies (without resists) ? (still undecided) All buffs last 59 mins except ( Third Class ,summoner buffs retail) ? (still undecided) Epic Status in Game ? (still undecided) Offline Shop System Vote Reward System Vitality System Menu Pane AIO buffer System ? (still undecided) PVP / PK top npc with interval checking High and low-rate PVP gameplay mixture augments allowed on server -== L2Parfenon Retail Features ==- Castle/Clan Hall Sieges Working interlude skills (retail-like) All Zones up to Interlude Working All Player/NPC Skills Working with retail formulas(chances) Retail Events L2OFF geodata engine --= L2Parfenon Olympiad ==- * 1-Week Olympiad Seasons to stimulate variation and olympiad activity. *Class-based disabled. *Skill re-uses are reset when leaving the Grand Olympiad Games, back to town. -== L2Parfenon Other Info ==- Full working alt+b (all information you can find ) Many Passive Events.! Frequent GM Events.!Professional and active staff (No internal problems due to good communication) Our server uses l2 java platform. That REWORKED system supports L2OFF scripts (Spawn, shop, html, SKILL, AI, geodata, etc.). Please register on our forum and give us feedback on features and what changes should be made for better gameplay for all, we are small community at first but we plan on starting something big and become a long lasting and enjoyable lineage 2 server Regards L2Parfenon Team