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  1. Hi everyone, needless to say mistakes were made and the server suffered as a result. It started out as a positive, we reached 300+ members on our server (no dualbox remember), discord had similar numbers and the facebook page was doing well. As you all know one of the fundamental aspects for a Lineage II server to work is that it has a reasonable amount of players. It is essential for the gameplay that there is a market, groups for leveling and go for Raids, clans for sieges, etc. See life and activity around you while you play. Our project was hit hard last Friday. We suffered attacks on the web (it was down for 12 hours), DDoS attacks that gave login problems for some players as well as SPAM from other servers both in our discord and in game. We had our Facebook page taken down as a result of mass false reports as well. This event, together with an unexpected migration of a important part of the community to other servers, has resulted in the almost non-existence of players to date. Sometimes things don't go as planned even if you put in all the effort and enthusiasm. You learn from everything. Now is the time to reflect and dedicate double effort, not only to improve the project but to thank all those who donated. We announce that we will temporarily close the Lineagedos server and enter a new Beta phase. During this phase we will finish polishing the project as we have been doing and announcing with our changelog. We will solve everything that remains to be solved to ensure a server that meets the demands of the current player. On July 16th at 20:00 GMT +2, Lineagedos will be back with many new features and much more to offer. We are starting fresh and that all those who donated at the time, will receive again their Gold Coins with the new opening to be as fair as we can to returning and new players. On the same opening day the event of Chapter I of the Lore will be activated again to continue with our chronicle. We would like to convey to all those who have played on the server and who have dedicated their time that we regret that this time is lost. We want them to understand that we are doing it only and exclusively because we want to make the project viable both for the player and for the financing. In any case we apologize for having to reach this situation. Throughout this process of Beta we will keep you informed of everything day by day. Either through discord or from our Blog. We'll do a much better project. It's only for a few days. Thank you for your patience.
  2. We are now online! With shops filing the market and PVPs around ROA, Dion and EG, you won't find a better non-dualbox server out there !
  3. Beta is online, come and try out the files before launch!
  4. Apologies @Designatix, thanks for updating it.
  5. Designed by veteran players who love Lineage II and the role. A server where playing is not easy. A different world with a thousand stories to tell and own events with very entertaining backgrounds. Be part of Lineagedos. You will not regret it. Website: Forum: Discord: Lineagedos is a no-dualbox server, that means only one game instance per player. Anybody caught trying to cheat this with multiple devices or an HWID spoofer will receive a lifetime ban for all accounts involved. Server goes live 27th June 19:00 GMT+1 RATES Exp: x3 SP: x3 Adena: x2 Drop: x2 Spoil: x2 Drop/Spoil Recipes: x2 Drop/Spoil materials: x2 Quest Drop/Reward: x2 Seal Stones: x2 Manor: x1 Herbs: x1 Raid Boss XP/SP: x1 Raid Boss Drop: x1 Epic Raid Boss Drop: x1 FEATURES No GMShop No Autopickup No DualBox Newbie Buffs to lv.30 - Custom ingame NPC Retail Class Changes (1st & 2nd class purchasable via donation) Skills require Spellbooks and SP Retail Buff Slots (20+4) Retail Buffer Duration Mithren Blessing (Buff + 2 Global shouts for voting) Free GK up to lv.32 NPC informer (Online, PVP, PK, CLANS, CASTLES and RAIDS) Herbs Shift+Click to view Drop/Spoil (Exclusively made for this project) Seven Signs Customized boxes Extended Zoom scroll (1500) Gold Coins (Lineagedos donation coins, non tradable) Silver Coins (Drop from all mobs, 100 silver coins can be exchanged to 1 Gold Coin) CUSTOM LINEAGEDOS NPCs The Merchant Bodahn "There are few places in Aden where stories of the merchant Bodahn are not told. Of how he obtains such strange objects, of how he goes into inhospitable places in search of rare and powerful animals and so many other adventures. A merchant with many valuable goods longed for by many. His travels always end in Giran, so it is common to find him in that city. Unlike any other merchant, his boundless ambition has taken him to places so far and so remote that they are unknown even to the most learned. Places that trade not with adena but with ancient gold coins. For this reason, Bodahn only accepts this currency as a form of payment. And in this world, only a few can come to possess it.“ "On one of his many travels through Rune's territories, Bodahn discovered what he called Varbita. The Varbita is a plant whose exact origin is unknown and it possesses magnificent magical qualities that, together with the mixture of certain substances, becomes a potion that gives great benefits for weeks to whoever drinks it. This potion is known as "El elixir de Bodahn" and can be obtained exclusively in your bazaar. Merchant Bodahn is undoubtedly one of the most important characters in Lineagedos and there are three main reasons for this. The first one, because he is one of the characters with more stories to tell (that you will know in future publications) and that will appear more directly or indirectly in events. The second, and more interesting for the players, because of the value of their interesting merchandise. And the third and perhaps most important, because it is the source of funding needed to keep this project alive thanks to its bazaar that you can meet here. You can only find him in Giran near the north access of the square. Nagash, The Oracle "Intimidates to name him for those who know of his existence. A being that could hardly be catalogued as living. Imbued in a continuous trance, it has performed all kinds of atrocities on its battered body to avoid as many contacts with reality as possible. Without sight, speech or hearing, he is able to hear, see and feel more than any other being in this world. Abandoned to his fate at an early age because of his weakness and fragile appearance, he had the good fortune to be helped by Parugon, a low-ranking centurion. It is not known how he acquired his incredible psychic powers, if perhaps out of rage at his abandonment or out of a simple favor from Pa'agrio, but within a few days of his recollection Parugon was able to perceive the dark and fearsome abilities of that little orc whom he called Nagash.” "After years of service to his race as an oracle and as a counselor in decisive decisions, he now devotes his time to meditation and to helping those who need his abilities in exchange for some substance to ease their constant and horrible pain. Nagash is our information NPC. Through it you can know the status of the server: online players, players by level range, TOP PK, TOP PVP, TOP CLAN, BOSS STATUS and CASTLE STATUS. In exchange for consulting information, a Healing Potion is required He's a highly valued character in Lineagedos. You will know more about him in some chapters of the chronicle. You can find Nagash at the Orc Guild in Giran. The Priestess Mithren “The priestess Mithren, Naneth's sister, was always a formidable disciple in the magic arts. Faithful to the forces of light and life, her earliest purposes were always to devote her efforts to helping as much as possible all beings who needed help regardless of their race or condition. Her mastery of magic is based mainly on increasing the physical and mental capacity of those magicians or warriors who receive her blessing.” "While it is true that your help is not unconditional. In exchange for receiving his blessing he asks that his message be spread to the rest of the beings of this world or of distant worlds so as to bring together as many warriors and wizards as possible and thus make more combatants to face the many dark evils that lurk and will lurk in the people, cities, towns and villages throughout Aden. A few years ago, thanks to his perseverance and exemplary attitude, he won the favor of the great master Jurek. Since then, his presence in the Giran magicians' guild has become commonplace." Mithren is our voting NPC. It is essential to publicize the Lineagedos project and thus attract more players. Once you have voted, click on the "Receive blessing" button of Mithren and you will receive the passive skill "Mithren's Blessing": For 12 hours M. Atk, P. Atk, M. Def, P. Def, Casting Speed and Attk. Speed +3%. + 2 Global Shouts. You can find Mithren at the Magic Guild in Giran. Anduin, the sorcerer “Anduin is a wandering sorcerer often seen in the cities of Dion, Gludin, Gludio and Giran. He's averse to conversation and has no known profession. Those who know something about him say that he spends all his time in meditation and reading ancient books. In order to survive he offers magical help to travellers in exchange for some adenas. ” Anduin can be found in next to the gatekeepers in the cities of Dion, Gludin, Gludio and Giran. His function is to help new players with basic buffer packages in exchange for 2,000 adena. The buffer packs are divided into wizard buffs (Invigor, Mental shield, Shield, Holy Weapon, Regeneration, Berseker Spirit, Concentration, Acumen, Resist Fire, Wind Walk, and Bless Shield) and warrior buffs (Invigor, Mental shield, Shield, Holy Weapon, Regeneration, Berseker Spirit, Guidance, Death Whisper, Might, Focus, Resist Fire, Wind Walk, and Bless Shield). These buffs last 60 minutes and are only available to characters of level 30 or less. Dorin, the manager of Gold Coins "Few are the dwarves who can boast of having gained the trust of Gesto and Valkon, two of the most important members of Giran's banking and storage. Dorin is undoubtedly one of them. His intelligence, transparency and management skills have allowed him to fill one of the most important positions in the bank, being the manager of the Gold Coin, the most valuable and coveted currency in all of Aden.“ "Unlike much of the public, Dorin has a certain reticence about Bodahn and his more hidden business. For this reason they maintain a distance between them that many call a rivalry of egos due to their respective excessive ambitions". Dorin's purpose at Lineagedos is to serve as a bridge between player donations and the delivery of Gold Coin. The procedure to withdraw Gold Coin is very simple. Once the donation is made and after waiting between 10 min. and 6 hours for us to verify the payment, go to Dorin and click on the "Get my Coins" button and they will automatically appear in your inventory. Dorin can be found at the Giran Warehouse. At Lineagedos, we treat all players as fair as we can whilst also providing incentives to raise funds to keep the server on as long as can be. So whilst you can purchase buff scrolls from the donation shop, these are low level buffs only and certain "game changing" buffs such as Vampiric Rage, Acumen and Clarity are not available to purchase. Gold coins are non-tradable and we have also introduced Silver coins to the drop lists of all monsters (also non-tradable). Bring 100 of these Silver coins to exchange to 1 Gold coin. You can find the donation list on the "Bazaar of Bodahn" here. Events are important to keep the game fresh and we love throwing something new and trying it into the new lore the server is creating. We have an entire Chronicle with 15 chapters (at the moment) with 4 parts per chapter. Each chapter has an event in which the players participate. A large amount of work has taken place in the background solving a lot of the usual Java errors, hence the reason why you need to download our specific client made for the server instead of a patch. If you are on the search for an authentic Lineage 2 experience, then I do truly believe Lineagedos is well worth your attention and time.
  6. So it took me an age to get into the forum, even with google translate it was a struggle as it is all in Polish. Not an issue if it is a PL server, but since you are advertising it here in English then clearly you need to rethink your market. I know Graveland would offer stability in a time you don't really have it in Interlude at these rates (by that I mean between x3-x6 since you do have some long term x1 projects still going) but that is going to put off 90% of international players I believe. That is unless it is going to be a PL server, then I will question why is it being advertised in English here....
  7. Just a small tip, stop acting like a douchebag and making accounts on other similar servers to spam out about your server in giran. It really makes your server look desperate and childish. So people will take this server seriously, there are literally thousands of places to advertise gaming servers(twitter, facebook, gamesites, youtube, twitch, vebo, etc....), don't advertise on other peoples work.
  8. Are you not an admin/owner of the sight? It doesn't give much confidence when you say..... we hope so too.
  9. Lets hope it will last, that the owners are in it for the long term, and not just another 3 month low rate server.
  10. Somebody wants to boost up his post count! You say you have worked on this for a few months, so have you fixed the most basic of things, such as solo rb in Silent Valley?
  11. That AIO buffer kills the server sadly :(
  12. Looking like it will be a lovely server! Best of luck
  13. Its a nice server, having to quest for subclass. Having to do 3rd class quest(unless you wanna spend vote items to get it....). Lower rates for mats and stuff, lower rates of adena. Just one thing I would change, only one. Make auto pickup! Collecting all those drops alone :alone:
  14. -== L2Parfenon Server Rates ==- XP: x 75 SP: x 75 Party XP: x 1.5 Party SP: x 1.5 Drop: x 700 Spoil: x 700 Adena: x 65 Quest Drop: x 50 Quest Reward: x 50 Seal Stone x50 Quest Exp/Sp Reward: x 4 Quest Adena Reward: x 4 Manor: x 2 Raid Boss drop: x 10 Grand Boss drop: x 1 (1 Jewell's by Epic Raid Boss ,drop chances are significantly increased. ) Manor: x 2 Vitality System ( First players joined characters will receive (custom status x2) for 6 h reward ) -== L2Parfenon Enchants Rates ==- * Max weapon enchant: +16 * Max armor enchant: +10 Max jewels enchant: +10 Enchant Chance 60% Blessed Enchant Chance 75% Enchant rates are lowered to provide a more balanced gameplay and a retail-like environment. -== L2Parfenon Features ==- Max Buff A-beep-t: 24+4? (still undecided) Dances & Songs: 59min. ? (still undecided) Drop Protection: Enabled Weight Limit: x100 Max Subclasses: 5 Max Subclass Level: 80 Subclass Without Quest: Enabled Nubles quest* Full -==L2Parfenon Custom Features ==- GM Shop: Armors, Weapons and Jewels up to C-Grade. Misc and consumables as you need. ? (still undecided) Npc Buffer with all 2nd class buffs and prophecies (without resists) ? (still undecided) All buffs last 59 mins except ( Third Class ,summoner buffs retail) ? (still undecided) Epic Status in Game ? (still undecided) Offline Shop System Vote Reward System Vitality System Menu Pane AIO buffer System ? (still undecided) PVP / PK top npc with interval checking High and low-rate PVP gameplay mixture augments allowed on server -== L2Parfenon Retail Features ==- Castle/Clan Hall Sieges Working interlude skills (retail-like) All Zones up to Interlude Working All Player/NPC Skills Working with retail formulas(chances) Retail Events L2OFF geodata engine --= L2Parfenon Olympiad ==- * 1-Week Olympiad Seasons to stimulate variation and olympiad activity. *Class-based disabled. *Skill re-uses are reset when leaving the Grand Olympiad Games, back to town. -== L2Parfenon Other Info ==- Full working alt+b (all information you can find ) Many Passive Events.! Frequent GM Events.!Professional and active staff (No internal problems due to good communication) Our server uses l2 java platform. That REWORKED system supports L2OFF scripts (Spawn, shop, html, SKILL, AI, geodata, etc.). Please register on our forum and give us feedback on features and what changes should be made for better gameplay for all, we are small community at first but we plan on starting something big and become a long lasting and enjoyable lineage 2 server Regards L2Parfenon Team