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  1. I would like to fined someone who can add an additional function to my Community Board. The function i need added is the ability for any char to get the next class as well as chose their dual class under certain conditions using the CB. If anyone knows how to add it, pls pm me or respond to this topic.
  2. Hello everyone, I try to edit raids parameters (number of ppl needed, entrance conditions etc), but i cant find the correct file to edit, can someone pls specify ???
  3. I use the html to change it. Could it be that i use the wrong skill id ??, but i got it from the sellbuffdata.xml Solved it, i forgot to add the buff ids to the CommunityBoard.ini . So fail anyway. tnx for the interest.
  4. Hello, I am trying to add 2 more buffs to my buff option at my cm, however for some reason that i cant understand it wont give the extra buff (the ones i added), why is that happening ??? PS: the rest of the buffs get applied correctly.
  5. Hi there, So i'm looking for a good Grand Crusade or Salvation server, i don't rly care about rates i just want it to be fun, with ppl on, good GM's etc... If u happen to know anything pls leave a post. Tnx a lot.
  6. Hi everyone, So i want to start my own server and i'm looking for experienced staff members (developers), every knowledge about l2 development could be accepted from java to map editing (and more). Also u must have time and will to work for the server. If you are accepted and the work is well done the you will be well rewarded (paid). -I already have the machine and basic Hi-5 files. -The server will be custom so if u have any files for custom features like armors,weapons etc. ill be happy to accept them. Leave a comment with what you can do and ill pm you i case i need you. ty...