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  1. Hi there, So i'm looking for a good Grand Crusade or Salvation server, i don't rly care about rates i just want it to be fun, with ppl on, good GM's etc... If u happen to know anything pls leave a post. Tnx a lot.
  2. Hi everyone, So i want to start my own server and i'm looking for experienced staff members (developers), every knowledge about l2 development could be accepted from java to map editing (and more). Also u must have time and will to work for the server. If you are accepted and the work is well done the you will be well rewarded (paid). -I already have the machine and basic Hi-5 files. -The server will be custom so if u have any files for custom features like armors,weapons etc. ill be happy to accept them. Leave a comment with what you can do and ill pm you i case i need you. ty...