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  1. I want to present you the best International Mid-Rate Interlude Server. GRAND OPEN: 2020. September. 26 Time: 20:00 +3 UTC ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Features: XP/SP X75 Adena X50 Drop/Spoil X100 SealStone X15 Raidboss Drop X8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Enchant Rates: Safe +3 Max +16 Normal Enchant Scrolls Chance: 60% Blessed Enchant Scrolls Chance: 70% Crystal Enchant Scrolls Chance: 40% ( If fail will remain the same enchant) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -Balanced Classes -The Best Geodata -Active and Helpful Staff -No Corruption -Donate Coins can be farmed from Bosses -Rewards for Clans with more than 7 Real online players (Clan lvl8, Full Skills, 50k rep, 50kk Adena) -First clan who kills Valakas will earn 100Euros in donate coins. -Free Premium at Start -Huge Rewards at Start For More Infos Like & Follow Us on Facebook & Discord (All Giveaways & Events will be posted on Discord) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2Wicked-Private-Game-Server-106617971126440 Discord: https://discord.gg/gXYQfnP