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  1. It's okay brother i am just saying what i found in the internet, either way this set looks awesome and like i already said thank you! NOTE: Can you make a full share from this set ? Weapon / Armor / Jewels (If exist) and Shield?
  2. So i was looking around the net and i think this Set of Armor is going to get named Leviathan and it's going to be R110.
  3. So this is a recolor of the same armor and you just decided to call them "new" .... well thank you for your effort and keep it up with new shares!
  4. Everything looks awesome but wish we could have some kind of protect form this interafaces because of "auto augment auto enchant etc" ..... but then again like i said everything looks nice and clean.
  5. Was not a challenge more like a personal wish to fulfill my stupidity because i like things as sets but thank you anyways!
  6. Seems promising! Good luck.
  7. Thanks for your answer brother. Welp i guess my "hunger" should settle with just the weapons then.
  8. Awesome NPCs. Are they from Fafurion Update? Thanks for your share!
  9. All i am missing from this "Set" is the Shield. I don't know for most people but from my point of view in the weapon sets i ALWAYS need a shield. (Heck i don't even know if there is a Fafurion Shield) Other than that awesome work like always! Thank you.
  10. I love the way your Weapon and Shield looks like. Wish you could introduce a "set" of this cool looking weapons. Maybe for all the classes of the game so everyone can enjoy the "event" of the skin that some people might use them. Other than that AWESOME!
  11. Like CriticalError said. First of all find an original map 22_22 and replace the current one with the original that you found. If the error is still there post again the error here. If your problem is fixed please note someone to close your topic. Welcome back i guess ? :)
  12. xDat_Editor -> https://sites.google.com/site/l2clientmod/xdat_editor If you are here to post only "Wrong section" so your post counts go up then i suggest you to stop doing it.
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  15. Sure i think that i am capable to adapt it to Interlude.
  16. I would be more than happy if you have skype or discord or even pm me here with the files if you are willing to give it for free.
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  19. Thank you very much but i will leave this topic open for more opinions.
  20. So here i am with a question. I am design freak and i need to create my multisell BUT i need it to look "cool" and i have this problem. I want to put my armors in line but i want to leave some slots EMPTY just to skip the slot so everything looks beautiful. My question is : Can someone tell me what should i do so the multisell understand that i want to skip a certain slot?? Thank you everyone in advance! Client : H5