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  1. BUGS you can ONLY see Human Fighter - Fighter you can not use shortcuts to open skills status etc. WORKING Party invite from target 4th bar
  2. Nvidia GTS 450 (Evga) σε άριστη κατάσταση 2 κομμάτια τροφοδοσία 6 pin η κάθε μια. Περιοχή Αθήνα Skype για έλεγχο και γρήγορη συναλλαγή. Τιμή 80 Euro Οι κάρτες πάνε πακέτο Σημείωση : παζάρια και αποστολές απορρίπτονται
  3. The only problem here is that when you are 90 level if i remember correct is that the buffer does not make you any buff . I don't know if only i encounter this problem but if not then can you please tell us a way to fix this ? thank you in advance !
  4. With reaped website i don't really think i can say that it will be the ""best" good luck anyway
  5. Share for free his work that he decided to sell ?? Are you dumb or what ? On contrary you should be thankful that he even shared something that he sell !
  6. This fellow member of this forum asked for help on 15 April 2016 we have 22 April and still nothing ? how inactive is this forum or maybe i should say not willing to help with something that they probably sell ? I will keep alive and at the top this post until i see some answers . - Thanks in advance
  7. because i don't get what this means can you please enlighten me ?