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  1. exeis kapoia fotografia apo auti tin Tinkerbell Gk pws itan ?
  2. auto den mas leei kati nomizw to paidi zitaei na tou diksoume opoios kserei telos panton na to kanei kai pws !
  3. an to vreis stile kai se emena to link se pm ::)
  4. it all depends on what is the population of the server and the resist that they put for example if you see people have full mages and most mages are Storm screamers then you SHOULD put something ELSE other than wind on weapon and it goes like this
  5. A/S items ONLY from votes = 1000000000000000000000000000% fail because people will keep voting until they get the items then no reason to vote .
  6. 1. Multi language choice for the updater interface and for the client in game 2. Skype Button 3. Vote Buttons (that opens the "browser" inside the update so you can vote and download files together) Good luck
  7. Why through xml ? Just make a skill and put it in navicat at the armor part id that you want to .
  8. That and ONLY that is the point for not opening a server. If you have a life and in this life you have a job then better don't open a server since your job and your life will require time and lineage 2 server will be 1 more factor that will require time. So my point is that lineage 2 servers now days does not give that much of "reward" for your work to keep opening servers if you have a full time job on the other hand if you don't have a part time job or full time job then go for it learn and try to evolve the lineage 2 simple and organized.
  9. Why join a client that offer less than the top of his chain and by chain i mean CT 1The Kamael CT 1.5Hellbound CT 2.1Gracia Part 1 CT 2.2Gracia Part 2 CT 2.3Gracia Final CT 2.4Gracia Epilogue CT 2.5Freya CT 2.6High Five with The kamael as 1st circle of this chain and High Five as the last High Five offers more and better features than any preview client so it's a no for me. hope you understand my answer :)
  10. please provide it for free since it's not something special for you :)
  11. So this answer is for anyone who understands. anyone who doesn't understand what you mean .. you don't give a shit correct ?
  12. You are MORE than welcome to create a guide for this type of editing.
  13. Since we can't google and we don't know what to google share with us the links that are trusted to use for classic v2.0. Thank you.
  14. 99,99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 % server will close in 1 week ? 1 month at most BUT but but but wish you the best
  15. if this perason speaks means they have his pack ... already doomed :okey: good luck though
  16. If you know how to adapt i don't think it will be harder rather more time consuming but then again if you really want it then go for it .
  17. This "armor" is a stone that you can apply it to your chest piece of armor and your appearance change (official) http://www.lineage2.com/en/news/events/hungry-horse-event-Aug-17-2016.php As for the weapons here you go https://l2wiki.com/Shadow_Weapon Now that you know what client they are from i think you can adapt them your self NOTE : In case that you still don't know which client are from : Infinite Odyssey Good luck
  18. is there any way to create a branch of this map w/o it's effects so we can have less lag in the servers ? i mean even official have lag at talking island :P
  19. Just make a full list here once and then people will only contact you to buy and get a better price also you should put a price here . Simple i guess .
  20. your local ip is correct ? you need the IPv4 Address
  21. [GR]Επειδή έχουν δει πολλά τα μάτια μου εδώ μέσα εσύ λοιπόν είσαι ο τυχερός που θα τα ακούσει για ΟΛΟΥΣ το παιδί έκανε ένα code καλός η κακός όπως το έκανε και το έκανε share . Τώρα εσύ ποιος είσαι ? Τι έχεις κάνει share και για ποιο λόγο είσαι τόσο μαλάκας που μιλάς έτσι ? Αν μπορείς να το κάνεις καλύτερο του λες πως γίνετε ή το κάνεις share αν τώρα όμως είσαι και εσύ όπως κάποιους άλλους εδώ μέσα τύπου "εγώ μπορώ να το κάνω καλύτερο" ή "το είχα κάνει πριν 5 χρόνια και είναι καλύτερο αλλά δεν το κάνω share" τότε πάρε τα αρχίδια μου και εσύ και οι υπόλοιποι από εδώ μέσα απλά τα πράγματα ![/GR]