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  1. Have you ever wanted to start playing in Lineage 2 Official but you cant handle the Experience ? Well you just clicked the right post we are selling any class on L2 Official Chronos/ Naia/ Freya Classes Supported HumanFighter= TyrrDuelist TyrrDreadnought SigelPhoenixKnight SigelHellKnight OthellAdventurer YulSagittarius HumanMystic= FeohArchmage FeohSoultaker WynnArcanaLord AeoreCardinal IssHierophant ElvenFighter= SigelEvasTemplar IssSwordMuse OthellWindRider YulMoonlightSentinel ElvenMystic= FeohMysticMuse WynnElementalMaster A
  2. http://l2knights.com x45 H5 Just Started Join now!
  3. L2Knights Officially started!
  4. Official opening update 13/03/17 3:00pm Since everything is running nice and smoothly we are going to open the upcoming Monday
  5. Public Beta has started. Join L2Knights Beta stage if you want to receive 1 month free premium acc on Official Opening date.
  6. L2Knights Premium Account Activates the Premium Buffer You have Some extra Commands such as .main to get Teleported to the main town Xp sp Adena + 10 % of what you where about to receive Price ? 2.50€ Now if you don't have a Premium account You can level up a Buffer and enchant those buffs too also you can sell them in game for Adenas since the main currency is adenas with the command .sellbuff Main Town Teleport scroll 10 Sec from our Gm Shop The whole idea behind Premium account in l2knights is to bring back to life all the characters. We are working on an item that
  7. Update: L2Knights Gamelpay In L2Knights you will find a really unique setup that you will enjoy. Subclass Free. Noblesse Free. Class Change Free. Easy Farm zone you will need to be at least level 80. Hard Farm zone you will need to be at least level 80 and have a party with you. Event Egine Gift Box: 150 Gold Bars, 100 Medals. Rebirth System: after you Rebirth you will go back to level 40 and you will receive 4 Points "Max Rebirths 3" In L2Knights you can .deposit 50.000.000 adena for 1 Gold Bar so you can feel free to go somewhere else to farm. Raid Boss/Grand Boss : We ar
  8. All the htmls on this Gm shop has been maid by me now if it looks similar to something that has been made already I don't know about it
  9. www.l2knights.com H5 x45 Coming Soon

  10. High Five 13/3/2017 STARTED www.l2knights.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8YyARqBkgI Welcome to L2Knights, so you are a fighter? You came to the right place, here you can show us what are you made of. In L2Knights we have two heroes one is Walton who killed all the Raid Bosses and the Grand Bosses back in the old days and now all the monsters drop the Walton's Coin as a respect to him. Wait i haven't finished yet where are you going traveler? As i said we have two Heroes the second one is Uldie. Uldie she is the sister of Walton I do not have enough time to explain he
  11. Update: Added Changelog for all of you and there is some really nice interesting stuff. Updated First post Added A new Video for our server might not be the best but we are trying. Updated First post You might have got it on that one but no official does not have donates for them it's a business. What i was trying to say was many old OFF servers had donates to keep them going having a server this days might not be the easiest this you will ever do but Me and my team we are doing our best to bring you something that had never done before. EDIT: Beta Announced