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Found 17 results

  1. How does it works? our system automatically pop-up validation window to characters oscillating around specified number of killed monsters, in order to verify possible bots use. player have to match randomly generated colours within <also> randomly chosen patterns (time is limited). forgive me guys, but since now any instant changes or system updates will be available only for acis customers. authors: credits: @Agent @Rootware @Caparso @Hasha @SweeTs @Tryskell our main provisions: does not require to be fluent in a foreign language, as simple as possible. insurmountable by nowadays programs used to inject bots. does not affecting existing source (just few necessary lines), no external libs are needed. punishment selection (move to nearest town, kick from the server, put to the jail or ban character). configurable validation time. code preview? check it out on pastebin. bots_prevention_v1.1.diff html/mods/necessary images How does software see content? <html><title>Bots prevention</title><body><center><br><br><img src="L2UI_CH3.herotower_deco" width="256" height="32"><br><br><font color="a2a0a2">in order to prove you are a human being<br1>you've to</font> <font color="b09979">match colours within generated pattern:</font><br><br><img src="Crest.crest_1_9903795" width="32" height="32"></td></tr><br><br><font color=b09979>click-on pattern of your choice beneath:</font><table><tr><td><button action="bypass -h report_0" width=32 height=32 back="Crest.crest_1_1978" fore="Crest.crest_1_1978"></td><td><button action="bypass -h report_1" width=32 height=32 back="Crest.crest_1_1970" fore="Crest.crest_1_1970"></td><td><button action="bypass -h report_2" width=32 height=32 back="Crest.crest_1_1975" fore="Crest.crest_1_1975"></td><td><button action="bypass -h report_3" width=32 height=32 back="Crest.crest_1_1971" fore="Crest.crest_1_1971"></td></tr></table></center></body></html>
  2. We proudly present you Lineage II Waytrel. A brand-new server using java platform files & highly modded retail engine. We want to revive the old memories including the amazing sieges, olympiad & massive pvp fights. Be a part of L2Waytrel and you won't regret it! BETA opening will take at 14/12/2018 20:00 GMT+2. Get ready! L2Waytrel Website L2Waytrel Community Boards L2Waytrel Facebook Page L2Waytrel Discord Referring to rates, you don't have to worry about. We have modified all exp, sp rewards to server's environment. Server's currency is based on farming, pvp, events and raid hunting. About balance since it's pretty easy to get maximum equipment, we have modified the balance to fit correctly when you've get the maximum equipment. As we know, balance is never perfect we are trying day by day to improve it for the best results. Also, by using retail details we ensure a higher percentage of balance. What we provide: - Stable gameplay. - Daily & weekly updates including new content. - A lot of manual events & activities handled by our experienced staff. - Protected gameplay (All 3rd party software & interface modifiers are blocked). - Online staff on a daily basis providing support & help. - We are giving all of our resources providing a stable, quality & protected gameplay instead of high amount of players. Rates & Enchantment - Safe enchant: +4 - Max enchant: +12 (+16 with crystal). - Normal scroll chance: 40% (in case of failure, goes back to +0) - Blessed scroll chance: 60% (in case of failure, goes back to +4) - Crystal scroll chance: 80% (in case of failure, goes back to +12) - Blessed scrolls can be found only in Yogi's Box. - High Grade Lifestone: 7% - Top Grade Lifestone: 12% Buffs & Skills The buff system needs a little explaination. Because, we want to keep the retail level of buff system there are 26 (+4) buff slots available. The buffs which are counting at buff slots are the buffs of the Magic Support NPC and a list of resists (which resists aren't available at Magic Support NPC). All the other buffs/skills are not counting at buff slots. - Buff Blocker skill (blocks unwanted buffs). - Cancellation returns canceled buffs after 7 seconds. - Cleanse is not removing Malaria buffs anymore. - Available buff slots: 26 (+4 from Divine Inspiration). - Divine Inspiration books can be found at Custom Merchant and from raid/grand bosses loot. - Many buffs are not counting at buff slots (for example active augment skills, heroic valor, nobless). - Reworked augmentation skillmap (removed all useless skills). - Improved attack active skills for support classes (like Stone, Prominence and so on). - Available augments: 1 active & 1 passive. - 2 hours buff duration. - Saving your buff sets option is available. - Ready-made buff sets are available too. - Summoning pets isn't requiring mob's corpse anymore. Grand Olympiad - Daily schedule is from 18:00 to 00:00 (GMT+2). - New heroes every sunday at 12:00 PM (GMT+2). - Skill refreshing after each fight. - Your enchant counts as +4 while in olympiad game. - If you are hero, you have only Heroic Valor on sub classes. - Olympiad manager shows ranking and points for each character. - Ranking updated after every match. - Information for daily & weekly olympiad period. - Hero weapons are now enchantable & playable. - Minimum 4 participants for classed & non-classed games. - Nobless Gate Pass has been replaced with Kalie's Token for every olympiad fight victory. Siege & Clan - Available castle for siege: Rune. - Siege for Rune is every Saturday at 18:00. - The crest of the clan who owns a castle, will be shown at their town. - Variety of rewards & benefits for clan members who owns the castle. - Starting level is 5. - Increasing level prices are based on server's currency. - Creating royal/knight units has one and only requirement, clan's level. - You can earn reputation points by killing chaotic monsters, raid/grand bosses & clan war players. - Clan eggs for skill learning are available at Custom Merchant. - All clan penalties are disabled. - Real clan ranking system based on server's activities. - Ranking points can be obtained by killing a war, killing raids, conquering castles, declaring wars, reaching top clan level. - Every week the top 1 clan based on ranking, will be kindly rewarded. PvP & PK - Unique reward for pvp inside massive pvp zone, arena & events (Kalie's Box). - Killing a player with karma is counted as pvp. - If you die while having karma, the whole karma is getting cleaned. - There is 10% chance to drop items in case of having karma. - Dynamic pvp zone which changing every 2 hours (auto flag, auto nobless, random respawns & stat restoring - you can leave by pressing To Village button or you can respawn by pressing Respawn button). - Protection against pvp feeding. - Every 1 hour, a player is getting rewarded for having the most pvp kills. - Several announcements regarding your pvp count. - Title colors based on pvp count. - You can earn reputation points by killing a clan war player. - Modified /duel with reward (requestor & target should have atleast 1 Kalie's Token, winner takes it from loser). - Unique & non-spam death recap (information about killer). - Extra reward in case of stopping enemy's killing spree. Events & Entertainment All events are running 24/7. - Automatic event engine with 5 global events (Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag, Deathmatch, Raid in the middle, Last man standing). - Lucky Manager with 2 passive events (Betting, Dice rolling). - Top players of the hour (farm & pvp). - PC Bang Points (1 point per hour online). General Information - Perfect geodata & pathnodes. - Spawn & teleport protection. - Player's spawn protection delay is 7 seconds. - Auto learn skills & auto loot (for bosses, the loot is dropped). - Increased inventory slots. - Champion monsters with extra rewards. - /unstuck command with 15 seconds teleport delay. - Death penalty is disabled. - Delevel is disabled. - Raid curse is disabled. - In any case (dying, unstuck etc.) you are getting teleported to Main Town. - Cursed weapons are back in the game and kills for stages are decreased to fit server's needs. - Global chat (!) is worldwide. Additional Information - All NPCs are available in main town. - Available sub classes: 5 - All sub classes are available at Maximilian. - Wedding system (homosexual too). - Soulshots & arrows are inconsumable. - Stackable enchant scrolls, life stones and skill enchant books. - 5 special raid bosses & 5 grand bosses. - Custom quest-like nobless system. - Perfect designed farm zones including protection for new characters. - Voting system for events and portable event functions by typing /events - Class-based armor restrictions. - Announcement for raid boss spawn/death. - Information about raid/grand bosses (drops, respawn date) can be found at Raid Manager NPC. - Character inventory inspection by typing /inspect on target to avoid corruption. - Chaotic farm zone for more pvp & farm action. - Enchant announcement when reaching the top enchant. - Shift + Click on monsters/bosses shows the droplist. - Individual voting system with real IP check of voting. - Global voting system which is rewarding only 1 client per IP. - You are able to trade augmentations like any other weapon. The augmentation effects on the weapon are visible when hovering the weapon in the Trade Window. - You are getting rewarded for every level increased. Equipment & Items - Elder Cloak providing extra HP/CP & attack/casting speed. - Titanium Armors slightly better than S grade armors. - Major Arcana Armor has same stats as Dark Crystal Armor. - Raid boss jewels are available only at drop of grand bosses. - All accessories are increasing 17% the base value of character's speed. Currencies - Adena > Can be dropped from level up monsters & farm monsters. - Mouse Coin > Can be dropped from farm monsters. - Kalie's Token > Can be dropped from Champion monsters. Also, can be found as reward from events (incl. top Pvp, Farm), vote, olympiad, duel. - Kalie's Box > Can be obtained from winning a pvp fight (contains random rewards). - Yogi's Box > Can be dropped from monsters, bosses (contains random enchant scrolls). - Iris' Letter (for nobless) > Can be dropped from monsters (low chance), bosses. Useful Commands - /inspect - /information - /events - /duel - /direct - /gmlist - /partymatching - /friendinvite - /frienddel - /friendlist - /unstuck - /allblock - /allunblock - /olympiadlist We are open to suggestions & new ideas. Feel free to share them with us. L2Waytrel Website L2Waytrel Community Boards L2Waytrel Facebook Page L2Waytrel Discord
  3. !!!NEW SEASON 31/07/2015, FRIDAY, 18:00 GMT +2 ON L2DAMAGE!!!! Farm Script + L2NET Bot (including Connection Tutorial) Server: -> based on L2NET -> SmartGuard bypassed (works with the L2Damage system v3.0 patch) -> professionally self-made code -> with Anti-Captcha!!! -> automatic respawn when your bot has been killed -> automatic rebuff Picture: Condition of your character when captcha-message has been spawned. After your purchase, you won't have this problem anymore. You will be able to lean back while your bot is farming recourses. Generally, it is really worth to own this bot because it is more efficient and you will earn a lot of LS / BOGs / adenas after just a few hours. It is worth more than donations! Price: 25 EURO (including the code, L2NET software, guides, 1x free code update and support until your bot is working correctly and you are satisfied) Offering bypass services for other servers too !!! Just send me a request with your server and kind of protection. (a picture would be nice) Informations Feel free to write me. I'll do my best, as far as possible to answer your questions as accurately as possible. Any proofs may be sent in demand. Your purchases will support me and keep my work up. Payment methods I only accept iTunes credits. Contact You can contact me at maxcheaters or skype (DeMeNs0s DeMeNs0s)
  4. Hello dear Max Cheaters... Recently i have started playing on a low rate (x5) high five server. The problem is that after all those years i really cant remember where the adena and the big buys come from... Despite the classic "play the market" tip anyone would have any suggestions for a fighter cp / Warlord with full party behind him ? (current gear lvl s84). And from your experience on low rate servers that have been up for two months, which items are the easiest/most efficient to sell/buy daily ? Never really "played the market" my self so if anyone could give deeper thoughts on that would appreciate it ! :) :) Finally recommendations about efficient farming spots for warlord are welcome :D Thanks in advance.
  5. Farming to make clan lvl up and pvp if you are interested check it out.
  6. Hello, I'm ADMIN Fox and L2 Chronos is my new project :D L2 Chronos is an High Five Server: LIVE server starts at 30/10/2017 18:00 GMT+1, meanwhile you can try out our REWARDED BETA server - 500x PVP style. Information about the server Hardware: Intel i7 7700k processor with 4.8 GHz. 32GB (4x8GB) DDR 4 - 3.200MHz Corsair RAM 1x SSD Samsung 950 Pro and 1xWestern Digital 7200RPM HDD 1 GB/sec dedicated line for internet connection Rates: Exp: x500 SP: x500 Adena: x30 Drop: x30 (Recs-Keys 1x) Spoil: x10 Quest Drop: x5 Safe Enchant: 3 Max Enchant: unlimited Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 60% Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 65% Element Stone Rate: 40% Element Crystal Rate: 30 Server configuration: Server Site(Forum) Time GMT+1 Buffs 20 mins Dances and songs Duration 3 mins GMShop Buff Slots 24 (+4 Divine Inspiration) Dance and Songs Slots 12 Sieges and TWs every weekend to promote 2 Weeks Olympiad Class Master 1st class and 2nd class Off-line Shop mode Wedding System This will be the first server to give money to playes! Yes, you understand well: the 1st player who reach 85 lvl with 3rd class will receive 15 Euro the 1st player who reach 100 pvp will receive 20 Euro These are the first two prizes and there will be lot more! Players who'll post the screens on forum's page (!/msg6/#new) documenting this achivments and their paypal address will win the money ;D Website - The Staff of L2 Chronos :D Have a nice game!
  7. High Five 13/3/2017 STARTED Welcome to L2Knights, so you are a fighter? You came to the right place, here you can show us what are you made of. In L2Knights we have two heroes one is Walton who killed all the Raid Bosses and the Grand Bosses back in the old days and now all the monsters drop the Walton's Coin as a respect to him. Wait i haven't finished yet where are you going traveler? As i said we have two Heroes the second one is Uldie. Uldie she is the siste of Walton I do not have enough time to explain her story here but you will find out once you start fighting in L2Knights. Let me give you a hint. Uldie she tried to fight like Walton but she lost from something that something turned her into a zombie and now she is eating only mice. She need the Mouse Coin to be able to buy her food you can help her by shopping from her shop with those coins she hold some really nice cool stuff. L2Knights Rates Xp: x45 Dp: x45 Drop: x10 Adena x20 L2Knights Enchant Safe Enchant: +3 Max Enchant: +20 Enchant % Normal Scroll: 60% Blessed Scroll: 80% L2Knights Features Community Board (Auction, Rebirth, Rules, Rankings, RB/GB, Region, Friends, Farm Info) Announce Hero Login Announce Castle Lord Login Clan Leader name and Title Color PvP/PK Nick and Title Color Dead Player chat disable Custom Clan Halls Auto Vote Reward Manual Vote Reward Fantasy Isle Parade MC Show Class Cloak with stats (the only Custom with stat in Server) L2Knights Events Event Egine All Vs All Team Vs Team Survive Walton Event Every 3 days a dark force falls into this world a number of raid bosses gets spawned in random city's Walton he is busy selling items he is asking for your help to kill those monster you have only 30 min. Questions Event Every 1 hours an announcement will appear and it will ask you one simple question if you know give the answer by shout(!) no caps and if you are the first one who gave it you will receive an instant reward. Olympiad Heroes are chosen every week, at 15th of each month and at 1sr. HWID Protection and antifeed system helping you for fair matched, without 3 vs 3 and class based matches. Starting points are 50, and every week you gain 25. L2Knights Team(NPC) Achievement Buffer Title Color Up Level Delevel Casino Event Egine Gm Shop Medal Shop Vote Shop Forgotten Shop Bug Report Join in game if you want to find more information there is definitely more.
  8. I come to all convene the pre-inauguration on April 28, 2017 of L][ IllusiOn and the official premiere on May 5, 2017. The project can be accompanied by ( ). We are building a team to better serve you. * Server Version High Five * •Start level: 1 + 1kk Adena + Fast Book with (GK+RANK+INFOSERVER) •Auto learn skills •Subclass without quest & exp •Max subclass level: 85 •Max. Sub-Class: 5 •Become noblesse with Gold Bars •No Grade Penalty. •8 Different PVP nick colors •Custom Npcs •Working Offline Trading. •XP/SP: 100x •DROP: 100x •There are re-designed and fully functional Community Board ( ALT + B ), which will provide all information about the server. Enchants •Safe Enchant: +4 •Maximum Enchant: +25 •Enchant Chance: +0 for +4 - 100% / for +5 - 95% / for +6 - 90%... (Before +5 broken item) •Blessed Enchant Chance: +0 for +4 - 100% / for +5 - 95% / for +6 - 90%... (Become for +0 not broken item) •Ancient Scroll Enchant Chance: 100% (Farm, Craft and Donate) •Element Stones & Crystals by one-click Buffs •Npc Scheme Buffer •Buffs duration: 2 hours •Buff Slots: 24 •Songs & dances slots: 15 Olympiad •Olympiad Maximum Gear: A Grade (Sell In Npc) •Olympiad Battles time - from 18:00 to 00:00(GMT+3). •Period: 1 week •Maximum enchant in olympiad: 25 •Starting Points: 20 Farm •Auto pick up but not raid boss •Custom mobs stats & drops •ALL ITEMS FARM AND CRAFTING !! •Special farm zones with extra drops and cusom Mini Bosses & Grand Bosses •Raid Boss respawn time: 4 hours. PvP System •Balanced Classes •Event system - Team vs Team, Capture the Flag, Domination, Survival, Death Match. •If you like nonstop pvp battles this i a right place for you. There is primeval area as a main pvp zone •Recieve PvP Coins per Kill •Buy expensive items with PvP Coins •Upgrade Dragons Weapons with PvP Coins Castle sieges •Siege day: Sunday •Siege hours: 16:00, 20:00 GMT+3 •Siege Period: 1 weeks •Territory War Period: 1 weeks ​Custom Sets (better effect with animation on game) • IllusiOn Set (FARM & DONATE) • Antharas Weapons (FARM & DONATE) • Valakas Weapons (FARM & DONATE) • Lindvior Weapons (FARM & DONATE) • Dual Dragon Slayer • Cutter Dragon Slayer • Buster Dragon Slayer • Dusk Shield (FARM & DONATE) *NOTHING WINGS, MASKS AND OTHER GAMES* ​ Custom NPC • Lindvior Boss - (In version Mob, not Quest or Original location) • Delever • Buffer Npc • GM Shop • Donate Shop • Pvp Shop • Event Shop • Change Collor Manager • Achiviments • Donate Manager • Pvp Manager (ITEMS FARM) • Premium • And More _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  9. (Server Event activate 365Days = Ketra's Town in Ketra Orc Outpost is Invaded ! Try eliminate Monsters and Winn Items !) PET EVENT EACH WEEK IN MONSTER RACE TRACK !(ALL LEVELS) L2BlueWolf: -Each Month its finished the winner in our Tops PK-PVP Can reclaim the reward[(Max 3Reward-3month- Each CharacterTopPlayer)15kk adena] -In the Entrance of One of all CH'S in Each City have 1AntiPK -Assasin's Light Armor Set(like draconic S grade Armor 5% more) for each Leader of clan With clan lvl 5 o more(at the start of server,in days clan lvl8) -Epic Glow Hero Aura With Weapon(and 3 more glows to choose) -Mammon Merchant and Blacksmith in Giran Town Start Adena = 2kk500k NG-D-C-B Items = Retail A-S Items = GM-Shop and Retail Auto Learn Skills Geodata and Pathnode Implemented(Can't use WallShoting) Supreme Gatekeeper Locs: Towns,GrandBosses(Zaken,Core,Orfen,AntQueen),FarmAndPvpAreas: Farm Zones-ScrllDdropzone= Bears Drop Blesseds Weapon D Ghost Drop Blessed Armor D Farm Zones-Secret RB Zone= Drop Life Stones % life stone = 5% purple augment % high life stone = 15% purple augment % top life stone = 30% purple augment BUFFS: MaxBuff = 64 MaxDebuff = 6 ENCHANT: Safe = 6 Max With normal/blesseds = 16 Max With Crystals = 20 % NORMALS = 45% % BLESSEDS = 65% % CRYSTALS = 100% RATES: RateXp = x75 RateSp = x75 RatePartyXp = x1 RatePartySp = x1 RateDropAdena = x100 RateConsumableCost = x1 RateDropItems = x30 RateDropSealStones = x1 RateDropSpoil = x30 RateDropManor = x1 DROP RAID BOSSES: Grand Boss: AdenaBoss = x2 ItemsBoss = x1 Raid Boss: AdenaRaid = x1 ItemsRaid = x3 -Inventory space limits NoDwarf = 125 Dwarf = 150 -Warehouse space limits Dwarfs will get bonus from lvl 60 SlotsForDwarf = 150 SlotsForNoDwarf = 125 SlotsForClan = 210 FreightSlots = 20 Exclusive RaidBosses With Drops in: -Fortress -Castle -Siegue CH's Exclusive RaidBoss(with Custom Drop) On Catacombs: NAME (Wizard) -Disciples -Dark Omens -Forbidden Path Try Search and have Fun with it! The GM'S Have Exclusive Armor And Weapons(NoItemName) We have Exclusive Server Quests(Like "Protect CH of Our GameMaster" At the entrance of Raindbow Springs) We Have Exclusive Server Raids With History(Like our Outlaws System,Mother Tree and Shilen) We Have Exclusive Server Method of Outlaws(Bosses around the Land) Exclusive NPC'S In Some Clan Halls,Exclusives of Each City,example:Aden have One Npc With Info About One Raid Boss In Ch,only is a example Secret Weapons Award You and Exclusive Event Weapons
  10. Hello, I'm playing on server, and I saw A LOT of bots at farm spots, I think there are many programs which I can use, but I have no idea which one! So I need to ask u about any program for free? Can anyone help me, please? (with links if possible) (btw. Sorry about my english if I make many mistakes)
  11. Welcome to L2 Kingdom ( old Battle-net ) Download our patch from here:
  12. Hello member of MaxCheaters! So I recently started a project with a couple of friends and we are about to start 2 different servers. The first server is named L2 Asgard and it's a low rate server with a lot of farm and the second one is named L2 Blast and it's a high rate pvp server but with farm in it. Here are the features of the servers! L2 Asgard Exp rate: 10 Sp rate: 10 Drop rate: 1 Adena rate: 15 Custom Farm Coin(Asgard Gold) Custom Area for Farming items such as Asgard Gold, Giant's Codex, Enchant Scrolls, Ancient Adena and LS. Full Working Scheme Buffer GM-Shop items bought with Adena until S-Grade Vesper, Vorpal, Dynasty, Elegia Bought with Asgard Gold Dyes bought with Ancient Adena Custom Clan Area for Eggs with Raid Boss Vote Reward a wearable helmet with increases all stats by 10% No custom weapon or armor stats. Top Armor, Weapon is Elegia Safe Enchant: 4 Max Enchant: 16 Normal Scroll 75% Blessed Scroll 85% L2 Blast Exp rate: 5000 Sp rate: 5000 Drop rate: 1 Adena rate: 500 Custom Farm Area for Adena No special Coin Full working Scheme Buffer GM-Shop all items bought with adena Top Armor, Weapon is Elegia No vote reward L2OFF Tattoo Custom Npcs No custom armor, weapon Stats Safe Enchant: 6 Max Enchant: Unlimited! Normal Scroll: 65% Blessed Scroll: 50% So... Would you join? :)
  13. Web Site the main features of the server Rates ================================== XP rate: x3500 SP rate: x3500 XP party rate: 1.3 SP party rate: 1.3 ADENA rate: x500 DROP rate: 1 Safe rate: 16 Max Enchant 16 Max Subclass 3 Max Level SubClass: 85 Drop RaidBoss x1 ================================== ALL ITEMS OBTAIN FOR FARM Hero every two weeks Olympiad start 13 Hours GMT +1(Canada) 13 Hours Arg 18 Hours Europe Oc. Coins: PvP Coin, Achievement Coin, Event Vote Coin,CRB Coin Grand Boss Raspawn every 24 hours Pc Bang Point System Activated More xp more Pc Points Custom Zones PvP Buff +15 Duration 3 hours, Max num buff: 34+ Divinie Inspiration, Song y dances: 16 Jewel , Weapons, Armors sell +15 to grade S ================================== Main Events: Team versus team, Vip Team versus Team, Dmination, Mass Domination, Capture the Flag, BattleField, Russian Roulette, Death Match. Event Vote with good reward :) ================================== Shops: Shop Normal, Farm Shop, Pvp Shop. Full Farm ================================== Commands: .deposit, .withdraw, .event, .pvpinfo, .changepassword, .dressme, .statics Server is new!
  14. Rates: Xp: 4000x Sp: 4000x Party Xp = 1.5x Party Sp = 1.5x Adena: 4000x Karma Drop Rate: 20% Enchant: Safe Enchant: +5 Max Enchant: +25 Normal Enchant Scroll: 90-85-80% Crystal Enchant Scroll: 85-80-75% Blessed Enchant Scroll: 100-95-90% after +19 the rate is decreased Augmentation: Life-Stone Skill Chance: 1% Mid Life-Stone Skill Chance: 3% High Life-Stone Skill Chance: 5% Top Life-Stone Skill Chance: 7% You can have only one passive or active skill Augmented items are tradeable Castle & Clan Hall: Castle Sieges: Every Friday (16:00, 18:00) Only Giran and Aden Castle Allow Teleport To Siege Town Siege Length: 2hours Maximum Attackers: 20 Maximum Defenders: 2 Only the Clan Halls located in Giran are working Olympiad: Olympiad Period: 1 week 18:00 - 24:00 (GMT+2) Classed Participants: 5 Non-Classed Participants: 9 Dual Box: Disabled Without Custom Items Oly shows Points & Matches that you have played Custom Oly Shop (with Gate Pass) 3 times hero in row: hero skills in ur subs General Info: Auto Loot Auto Learn Skills Unlimited Weight Subclass without Quest (Max 8) Maximum number of buffs: 40+4 Maximum number of Debuffs: 4 Only 2 Clans are allowed for each Ally 10 Members are needed for Clan War Clan Penalty: Disabled Death Penalty: Disabled Grade Penalty: Disabled Drop Items on the ground: Disabled Warehouse Wedding Inventory Space: 150 unstuck time: 20 second Spawn Protection: 10 second Geodata & Pathnode Custom Info: Killing Spree System Announce castle lords on enter game Announce GM's on enter game Announce Raid Bosses spawn Raid Bosses Respawn time 12h - 24h Grand Bosses for RB Jewels drops Raid Bosses for Clan items drops Trade, Global, Hero chat with PvP's PvP Color Name & Title & Skills Heal Monsters, Raid Bosses: Disabled After 10 Pk you may drop up up 3Items Vote Reward System hopzone and topzone Aio System Donate System All Subclasses are in one NPC Clan Reputation Item Hero, Noble Item Heroic Aura: 20 PvP in a row Hero until restart: 45 PvP in a row Scrolls, Bogs, Lifestones: Stuckable Rebith System Custom Items Shops That you can Try our C.items .deposit .withdraw command .repair command .online .tvtjoin .tvtleave .tvtinfo .ctfjoin .ctfleave .ctfinfo .dmjoin .dmleave .dminfo SS/BSS consume is disabled Private store system is with gold. not with adena. System that tells you how many times u have killed or have been killed by x player. Champion mobs Antibuff Protection Grand Bosses respawning time 2 with 4 days Shift+Click html droplist Shows 1-10% , 10-30%, 30-50%, 50-70% and 70-100% item rate drops Dress up Stores Added (You can try Custom Items) Bug Report NPC NPC Clan Crest PvP Colour name, title, skills now at 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500, 5000 50 Pvp for Trade Chat, 1000 Pvp for Global Chat, 5000 Pvp for Hero Chat (All chats have reuse) Events: Team VS Team (Automatic) Capture the Flag (Automatic) Death Match (Automatic) Dual Box: Disabled Top killer in TvT will not be rewarded with extra items. Jut his name in announce.(TvT) If the TvT goes in tie both item will be rewarded. The loser team will take a symbolic reward too Players with 0 kills take nothing! Every time that you score for your team you will be rewarded (CTF) If the CTF goes in tie both item will be rewarded. Loser team will take a symbolic reward too AutoEvents Custom items: Unique , Epic , Relic weapons (relic weapons have custom glows and skills that u never have seen in other server ) Unique, Epic, Relic armors Nightmare tattoo relic Accessories Herbs Custom Custom items to join in Grand bosses Lairs Clan Reputation item Noblesse Item Hero Item Custom Farming coins Farming Zones: Giran Harbor safe farm zone (for unique items) Archaic Labratory (for unique items) Pagan Temple (for epic & relic items) Cave of Trials (for epic & relic items) Primeval Isle (Drops bogs, ls, blesseds with low rate) Npc's: GK Buffer Symbol Maker Pvp Pk ranking Manager Augmenter / Skill enchanter Server Info Npc Password Changer Bug Reporter Wedding Rebith Shops that you can try custom items (3 npcs) Priest Bosses Live Npc Website: Forum
  15. Hey, As the title says, can someone recommend a bot grinding spot for 80+ (82 to be accurate) A place with decent xp, no obstacles so bot cant get behind it and spam "cannot see target" A place that dont have very strong mobs so i can leave my archer there to bot with ease :) Any reply would be awesome. Thanks :)
  16. Hello MXC Community L2Hantol Interlude Grand opening in 5 Hours! First of all i'm going to tell your some of our basic Information EXP/SP - x350 L2Hantol has many farm-zones,exp-zones that you can farm We tried our best to balance the classes by changing skills If you are a fun of league of legends kill streak this is for you! Every double,triple,quadra,penta you get a sound effect and a screen message basically saying [%Target made a penta kill] We have a special team that is always active to help you with your problems you can see the gm active list my typing /gmlist Many more information on our website! Website : Community Page : We are waiting a lot of people in the grand opening! See you there :D