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  1. I am trying to tell him that the word "unique" does not mean more custom. To someone might mean LESS things. In my eyes a server without even a buffer would be unique because now days every single server has buffer in it. And no i am not his lawyer but if this was happening to me i would feel uncomfortable so here i am.
  2. So you are claiming that you can't read. Huh ... strange but i see. Anyway i will not answer anymore to you because you clearly can't understand what i am TRYING to tell you. :)
  3. And i am telling you WHY someone should tell YOU his opinions? What are YOU in this forum? A Moderator maybe a Global Moderator or Administrator? You just have to understand that you can't bring people to an uncomfortable state just because you want to laugh around.
  4. So YOUR opinion should be EVERYONES opinion. I see now! Thank you.
  5. He might want this "less" from the other servers. Maybe all this "extra" drowns him or what ever. That's why i am saying don't go around and try to find out what everyone thinks.
  6. I don't think that there is any rule here that "FORCES" you to comment on someones else comment i mean from his point of view what he is reading or what he is seeing in this topic might seem unique but what does that matter to you? Are you here to judge someone or reply to the topic owner?
  7. Looks awesome! Good luck with your project.
  8. Why don't you post more information about your server here?
  9. I can't help you adapt this code but i can help you create a better "balancer" for ALL your classes with custom passive skills. IF you are interested my discord is in my signature.
  10. I really hope that you project succeed but i think that the client is "wrong" since most people are playing Interlude > H5 > GoD and now days they are starting to enjoy the "Classic" but like i said wish you the best as for your question my answer is D. I always thought that custom Olympiad cycles are i don't know ... "stupid" ? i mean heroes and heroic skills gives so MUCH more so i think that 1 Month/Cycle it's just perfect for what you receive IF you succeed.
  11. GameserverHostname = * GameserverPort = 7777 # Configure your internal ip InternalHostname = CMD LoginPort = 9014 LoginHost = CMD -> anigeis to cmd kai patas ipconfig > vriskeis ekei pou leei IPv4 Adress kai to vazeis OPWS to vlepeis me tis telies. kai opws eipa se ena alo topic kleise OLA ta protect pou exei to pc sou.
  12. Well if he have the option to pick TCP and UDP why not use it? I don't know and i can't help him unless i see the problem it self but from what i read i had it and it was the protections of windows that were blocking the way of the ports.
  13. Hello since the majority of this community speaks English IF you want to find an answer to your problem i suggest you to use this language. Thank you!
  14. I can guarantee that it's what @Vilmis said. Some projects simply are NOT compatible with all java versions so you have to stick what what they are compatible and are written to work with.
  15. Hello. You need to give more informations like. 1. what you are trying to do 2. what project are you trying to use and in general more information about the problems that you are finding in your way to achieve your goal of opening a H5 server.
  16. yeeeeeah ... that ^ In order to change the messenger from lineage 2 you need to have knowledge over reverse engineering and you have to edit some .dll files in order to make your client accept any other "program" or "livechat" that you wanna do. Soooo ... unless you wanna spend hours and hours over something so small your best option is to either remove it from the interface or just let it stay there as a memento of something that was once useful.
  17. From what i read it seems like a pretty good server with "nothing special" but being special it self. Classic old lineage2 with just tattoos for the flavor and with again what i read cool economy. Wish you good luck and i am NOT going to miss the opening!
  18. You do realize that you are currently at the "Newbies Introduce Urself" section right? Also hello and welcome.
  19. I think that it's security problem. Turn off EVERY security that you have in your PC AND antivirus and then try it again.
  20. Can you please explain what are you trying to do so we can understand it and try to help you?
  21. That's the sad part but haters will always gonna hate the people that grind or understand the game better than them oh well ..
  22. Why people want to cheat in a game that they choose to play in order to enjoy it ?