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  1. So basically i am not interested in what you are trying to say here! Thank you anyway.
  2. Like i said to someone whos name i will not mention at Private Message i am not looking to buy something i am here purely for free. If i wanted something to buy i would have posted at the corresponding section. Thank you anyway brother. Like i said to baksteen i am NOT looking to buy something. If you can share some of this events here i would be more than glad to download them and add them to my collection. Thank you too brother.
  3. Hello i am here with a simple question. Is there anyone here that currently owns any of this 2 old events? 1. L2 Day 2. Squash NOTE: I am interested for Interlude Client. NOTE 2: I am also interested for any other old and long lost events that are rare to see and that could work for Interlude. NOTE 3: If you have any of this events working for any other Client and you are available to adapt them for Interlude it could be perfect. Thank you very much in advance everyone.
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  10. How you can be so sure ? I mean are you a people mind reader or what ? Have you even joined any C4 in 2016 or 2017 to know if people like the client or hate it ? Come on people !
  11. Just keep it coming and make it more graphics appealing . That's all !
  12. Looks interesting ! Hope we get beta server soon and wish you the best dude ! PS : I like your small edits over the stats and items keep up the good work .
  13. Someone give him +1 because he created something unique !
  14. If i HAD to choose i like the 2nd more but why should i get forced to change class or do anything ? I want to be level 1 human mystic and walk around the world wearing heavy armor and bow .
  15. Every datapack can be stable and any datapack can be used for any kind of server. The problem is do YOU know how to fix or edit anything that comes in your way? I mean problems with java because there is no bug-less project and there will never be any for free at least.
  16. sas exw kanei kai tous 2 report oxi giati mou exete kanei kati alla giati polu apla gamate ena topic xwris na uparxei ousiodis logos. kalh sunexeia kai no hard feelings.
  17. ti pack xrisimopiis ? an eisai se frozen uparxei config pou to alazei me tin mia kai se afinei na skotoneis opoiodipote level boss me opoiodipote level char.
  18. Yeah sure. It's not a complex problem to understand that people will start use his files if they where worth something at the very least. But guess what ? NONE use them because "his" work is just shared shit around the world and some "nice edited" htmls that's all. And if the files are good trust me people will understand it and will stay to play the server that will "use" his files because they will enjoy it but guess again what ! NONE like them and that is why none use his files.
  19. den nomizw na se krataei kanenas edw mesa kai na se upoxreonei na apantas pouthena! nomizw? twra an esu h o kathe esu erxete edw kaulomenos epidi einai pisw apo mia othoni kai thelei na bgalei ta eksopsixa tou e oxi file mou epidi einai internet den simeni pws kanoume oti goustaroume!
  20. Like i already said both projects have PROS and CONS Acis PROS Clean pack (when i say clean i mean no customs and useless code) (or at least Tryskell try to) and Big community that help in order to make the project more stable and more official like Frozen PROS User friendly with many configs True/False FREE (Freemium ? what the fuck is this) Acis CONS Freemium ? Ok i get it that they want to get something for the updates but if you are going to share it anyway why should i buy it ? Unfriendly to the user with all this xml npcs and items Still basic features not working
  21. tha prepei na anikseis to eclipse i opoiodipote paromio programa xrisimopiis kai na dikseis stous gnwstes an bgazei kapoio error h se periptosi pou bgazei ti akrivos leei to idio kai me to gameserver tou server sou gia na mporesoun na se voithisoun kai genika prepei na doseis perisoteres plirofories gia to ti pack xrisimopiis.
  22. egw den eimai filikos san ton Αναγέννηση12 opote sas ekana idi report kai elpizw na fate ena kalo 7hmero ban h kai parapanw mpas kai strosei o kolos sas kai suxenome ton eauto mou pou mpika ston kopo na sas kanw report (alla kapoios prepei na arxisei na ta kanei) kai episeis tsampa to post pou ekana alla eprepe na ginei.