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  1. Why should i download something that it's not working and i have to fix it myself when it's shared? The actual dragon when he saw the weapons that they made in his name he intentionally stabbed him self. Why is that they still let you posts shits like this ? "lmao" ? and simple things then whey already banned so many people for posting hunting (a.k.a. post whores) like you?
  2. How the actual FUCK you know about KAMEX work ? in other topics when we asked him to show us a server with his files that has success and he never showed anything. All i know is that IF i say that my files are the best and i have many servers online with MY files and an top of that successful servers i would advertise my self through them but instead he never showed anything. In every single server that i joined and have his files all servers was empty with less than 10-15 people online if you can call that a success good job i guess. And again i am here to "Challenge" KAMEX to shows us his
  3. from your p.o.v from mine p.o.v L2JFrozen is more than ok.
  4. share something better than this if you can since this files are "Shityy" :dat: :dat:
  5. i don't now about the merchant shop but for the zone as far as i know you can't possible make a zone "auto pvp" with out any java edit but you can change a zone to arena so they will pvp but w/o reward since the zone will be arena like (coliseum etc.)
  6. The point here is that the acis trying to provide files as clean and as official like possible can be but on the other hand frozen is a more user friendly project with many customs. Both projects can be opened and both projects can fail or success the problem is in the administrators head. What i mean is that if the administrator that goes to open a server don't know anything about java it's 99,9% fail since if a bug appears he will not be able to fix it. Both projects are BOUND to have bugs , errors and lots of shits inside so if you want a "clean" project that does not have any custom code i
  7. Some words for this bitch Fast Skilled Quality Trusted Friendly (Some times small gifts) and much much more go for it.
  8. Respect what ? He buy it and he can do what ever he want with HIS files . Same goes for your project too IF i become a paid member in your project i can't share a custom pack that i can create ? If Dan7E2 wanted his work to stay "private" then he would only sell ready pack and not source so i guess he don't care .
  9. "Just spam F3 and find it." Why don't YOU spam F3 and find it for me since i am a "noob" and i can't ? Don't get me wrong but in this forum the 99,9% that post something like "just do that and that and you are okay" are just stupid people that think they know what they talking but they don't! I am not saying that you are noob because i have seen your work.
  10. my last post was "Posted 29 November 2016 - 10:25 PM" but still nothing ? what the fuck is wrong with this pro forum that everything is so easy ? maybe no one cares if there are not money involved ? :dat: :dat:
  11. [GR] σωστό και αυτο ! Κύριε @AccessDenied θα μπορούσα να έχω την άδεια σας για να ανοίξω έναν ιδιωτικό Server ?
  12. WELCOME to L2Tiger L2Tiger is looking for reliable Testers that will TEST and PROVIDE us with informations that we can not find with out YOUR help. Everyone is WELCOME to join us and explore our server and features. Are you intrested in become a Tester or just to join the server for fun ? Contact us at Skype : live:lineage2tiger Or E-Mail : lineage2tiger@gmail.com With message Tester Alpha Test Begins 11/1/2017 and Ends 21/1/2017 Sincerely Thank you. -D3X
  13. Still waiting for your shit , cancerous and idiotic ass to share THIS or something BETTER than THIS for free since it's nothing special for you else i will request your ban.
  14. Then you should change the "What type of custom interlude server would you play in 2017" to what you want me to sell noob. Hope the mods ban you again you should not exist in this forum or in the lineage 2 community.
  15. He DON'T WANT TO OPEN A SERVER he want players to say here what they like and "create" this features and start selling them to possible admins for 300 and 500 euros . Hope this topic get trashed.
  16. Something that will not be created from you since you want ideas to sell and not to do something your self :alone:
  17. Why people want to know here in public what he want ? Message him maybe he don't want his ideas to go public before he open his server . Some common logic please .
  18. shame on you . l2classic with wow website template just SHAME ON YOU
  19. because for pvp server this custom code can be useful so if someone can adapt it it will be good
  20. e auto panw katw einai to template tis gk tou frozen ... den einai ?
  21. when will this server open ?