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  1. Thank you mate :) Waiting for you:D
  2. you are the only immature. a kid that makes business and don`t keep he promises. also a scammer from the moment that you never answer on skype. and also a lier. you never told me about give you pp account.
  3. very nice i like it!! and good idea!! gl with your sales.
  4. GRAND OPENING 17/02/2017 AT 19:00 GMT+2 MAIN INFORMATION » Custom Farming Zones. » Custom PvP Zone System (Changes every 1 hour). » Custom NPC.
  5. write me on pv what prob you have. you send me what to do with source? lol..
  6. I recommend you guys 1000% this guys. He is very good on what he is doing ,fast,beautiful,quality, and very trusted. I bought a site from him and i am very satisfied. He dont just sold me the site but also helped a lot.!! So if you want a website or design i recommend you 1000%% :D
  7. i will check it but i dont know anything about the npc :S
  8. i know about that area and i removed the monsters and the drops from there :D
  9. better get shared instead of paying for a pack like this
  10. haha, that backdoor was the 1st one :D well i shared it cause a lot of people pay for this.