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  1. Website -http://l2forever.hopto.org/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Lineage2Forever/ Forum - http://l2forever.hopto.org/forum/ Lineage II Forever SERVER INFO Main Town: Giran Harbor __________________________________________________________ RATES: RateXp = 107.00 RateSp = 107.00 RatePartyXp = 2.05 RatePartySp = 2.05 RateDropAdena = 107.00 __________________________________________________________ ENCHANTS: Weapon: +3 / +16 Armor: +3 / + 10 ____________________________________________________________ Level Up: Starting level: 21 / Subclass:
  2. L2-PsD Custom #Entering the Game Auto noblesse login 200kk Adena mp, healing, cp(lvl1 150 cp) pots and SS,BSS A Security Key untradeable, undroppable, undestroyable and unsellable. By using this key you can submit your security code(if u have one) so you can have full access on your player. You can create a code by using the command .security Summon CP Potion skill can give you up to 100 CP potions lvl 2 (300 cp recover). The reuse time is same for mages and fighters. The class manager is making you direct on the last class that you want. Entering in Aden(Main Town) level 80. Hero annou