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  1. +1 Evie its really skilled and trusted !
  2. Guys, first of all sunrise start when his name was "Reunion" and I was one of the first members. And l2tales files wasn't shared in any ru forum, and ofc not here. And jabber its a friendly guy who I talk a few times, included when some people enter to steal to their house, I know him. And I buy the zeus engine before, and its 100% own work from him. U can see the source all do it in HES way (a bit hard to understand if you didnt know spanish a bit, but its programming doesnt need it anyway, just read the code and comments from him) and I say its own way bcoz u see, its a lot of code and a
  3. Hi, im looking for someone who knows (and have time) to develop on LUA for a server project. More info at skype: lineage2col (isn't for lineage2) Thanks in advance.
  4. Well I do a lot of good ideas before who was the unique server with that, and now high servers have them, include ncsoft. What I try to say its, I prefer pay and do not share the same thing with all servers. Thanks anyway. If u know someone with time and skills, tell me Mobius!
  5. Well my plan its develop some stuff in mobius I already try to adapt my stuff who I already have on my hi5 src. But it's a bit different and I can't, I didn't have the time to put with it, learn and fix the stuff to complete the adaptation
  6. Hi, Im searching a developer who have time to work, bcoz all my trusted devs are too busy right now. If someone have solid skills, write me at skype: lineage2col If u didn't have skills and want to scam me or loose my time, please do not add me. Im searching someone who skills and I already work with many devs, I can see a stupid kid without skills from far away, and I know a bit of java/html developtment, Im searching for someone bcoz I want someone with MORE skills to decrease the chance of errors,etc in this features. Thanks all for your time.
  7. Well I think u bad understand what I say bcoz all other members who say what u think I say... I know a bit about develop, I pay bcoz Im honest and I know my knowledge its low yet and I doesn't want mistakes on this tasks I need. I know (and I write about it) knowledge and time about a developer (and any other work ofc) then no, im not disparage any developer here. Im saying the truth what happen from years in l2 developtment, I work with many devs, I pay most than 1000usd time ago, then its not my case about want all things cheap. Its about the rentability, about demand
  8. Well I understand what u mean SweeTs but I work with many devs, and ofc here at l2 point didn't cost the same as a professional developer outside, and there is a reason. Then, ofc I will not pay 30e / hour. First bcoz isn't comprabable the skills, the hours they put, and a long ETC. I know about the work of a developer, I do small stuff, and I respect that, and I know 30e per hour its right, but not here at Lineage2 Dev World, and ofc not for this job. Plus: 30e per hour in a example of 4hours per day at 20 days of the month: are 2.400eur, and with that hours and days, im sure we
  9. As title say Im searching a developer to work on update l2j classic 2.0 source to 2.5 or 2.7. The initial phase ofc its update packets,etc to use the new resources of the client, and in the end work on quest,etc. Pay will be monthly and with terms of X amount of things to be done in the month, and X amount of things who CAN (if possible) to be done inside the month, this last things will be with chance and will not be a requierment of the monthly job. If any skilled dev have interest on it, can send a private message or add me to skype to talk about price and deep info.
  10. How much cost this? and just the images or html too?
  11. Auction house I have it done, send me a pm on skype: lineage2col
  12. No online limitation its 675, with discount be 225 ? Or just apply to source?