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  1. Lineage ][ -w00t- Freya New Era of PvP-Gaming Why you should join? -Dedicated Server - So no lag! -99% of classes balanced -99% of skills balanced -Many unique custom features -No rolback -Easy farm - 1 day for full gear -Many auto and gm events -Helpful Staff Information about Server Server Rates -Xp Rate x 2000 -Sp Rate x 2000 -instant level 81 - max 85 -PvP increasing Exp. -Adena Drop x3000 -Party XP x2 -Party SP x2 -Karma to Drop min 6pk -Drop Rate Item,Weap,Equip - 60%,60%,60% -Augmentation Mid LS Skill Chance = 50% -Augmentation High LS Skill Chance = 60% -Augmentation Top LS Skill Chance = 90% Enchanting Safe enchant +5 Max enchant +30 Normal scroll chance - 85 % Blessed scroll chance - 100% Attribute stone chance - 50 % Server Features Custom Item Stats -Tatto Of Avadon = Mage Tatto (Increase casting, m.crit ,p.def ,speed ,HP.) -Tatto 0f Absolute = Fighter Tatto (Increase a.speed, crit.dmg, m.def, HP.) Clan/Ally -Custom NPC for clan/ally system -Clan level max 11 -Clan eggs into GM shop -Territory War System Working -All Castle/Fortress Working Sieges weekly. -Clan Penalty 1 day -Ally Penalty 1 day -Max clan in Ally = 3 -Members in clan for war =15 -Members for increase clan = 1 up to level 8 -Custom Rep Point System Custom Features -Instant level 81 -Custom Rate for Enchant Skills -Exp from PvP & Custom Mobs -Team Vs. Team (TVT) event Dualbox Protected - Automatic every 1.5 hours -Monster Rush - Custom Event -Hide & Seek Event Automatic every 6 hours -Deathmatch event - Automatic every 1.5 hours -Last Man - Automatic every 1.5 hours -Daily Gm Events! -New character start with 400kk adena -Max Subclasses = 3 on addng subclass instant level 85 -All certification skills working. -PvP/Pk message into chat box -Killstreak system - announce + effects. -Every Pvp give Exp. -Max Runspeed = 350 -Max A.speed = 1500 -Max C.speed = 2000 -Max Evasion = 220 -Normal character inventory slots = 120 ,Dwarf = 180 -PvP zone = Gludin Village (with random respawn) -Special PvP zone - when u enter, get flagged. On each kill reward 2g.medals. -Unstuck command = 20 sec -PvP color system. up to 7 colors. -Nobless Npc In Giran = nobles without porting. -Gold Dragon = Special Coin that make u Hero till u relog -PvP Potion - Special potion that make u invisible for 15sec. -Olympiad 100 % working Every 15 days reset heroes. Anti dualbox protection Items Restriction - Items above S grade are forbiden in oly + enchant limit +0 for all gear. -Pc Bang system. -Anti-debuff system. -Forgotten Scrolls auto learn (only 6 are in shop) Custom NPC Fake Player NPC - they look like normal players, its rly interesting to see such npc :) -5 Custom Raid bosses. -Gm Shop -Dyes Shop -Event Shop -Atrtribute Shop -Giant Codex Shop -Global Gatekeeper -Warehouse keeper -Vote npc -Ultimate Buffer -Class Changer -Clan/Ally Manager -Augmenter -Nobless Manager -Wedding Manager -Crazy Pk Killer -Djena - Server Information -PvP & Misc Server Protections -l2 Wallker Protection -All flood protections -Spawn Protection -Bad Word Protection -Olympiad Protection -TvT Event Protection -PvP farming Protection -Dualbox Protection -Buff delay protection -Many other.. too keep Server Safe from bad ppl :P Website L2w00t.com Forum L2w00t.com/forum/