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  1. Some changes: - Implemented replace string into html used for configs, images, objects, strings. - L2Top reward, MMoTop vote rewards tunedup. - Added alternative vote reward for topzone, hopzone. - Log for captcha bot system implemented. - Geodata engine has been tunedup. - LOS check improved. - Multisell enable/disable option implemented. - Many strings has been implemented. - Some skills tuneup. - Buffer fixes. - Tuneup Community Board.
  2. L2United did not had mine pack dunno how your brain got this. Dunno why you are so mad kam3, atlest learn to write correctly. And stop hide behind unreal accounts. Prolly coz this will be 3rd project in roll without successs?
  3. Hello nik, why not use your own account ? :D 1% from all servers use base l2j-server, 99% russian sources, good logic like always :) Kam3ran became developer ? legendkay - nik's dog. Dev.Death - shared account. Nik, kam3ran, and who's not. czadfad - bot account prolly kam3ran redtube - kam3ran. ezariel - kam3ran it's so obvious.... Pretend l2j-server to be the most stable/implemented engine makes you retarded or crazy... pick one by yourself. Anyway gl with the project.. :)
  4. New Update Rev.440 thats some small part of the update. * Fixed castle announce. * HTML abnormal effects fixes. * Delusion chamber collapse/limit time fix. * Valakas/Antharas AI fixes. * Expertise penalty reworked. * Protected Zones rework. * Strings ogrganize/cleanup. * Added no-restart zone for QA. * Added new listeners. * Weight penalty reworked. * Implemented Block item in zone. * Config to exlude bosses in hero history. * TW conditions rework/organize/cleanup. * Cubic conditions fixes. * Config for max minions on Valakas/Antharas. * Bot report manager reworked. * Captcha tunedup, now
  5. Yeah sure :D OP comment :D /ps why do you spam this topic with usless post ? Go to your master stalonka topic.
  6. Do you remmember what year we made the transfer l2j>l2r? Do you remmember what quality and progress had l2j on h5 compared with l2r ? When you "could" fix it, why you was helping with migration of the projects? As i remmember it took us like a month or more. There is no logic in your words.
  7. Its good logic to say l2p is shit since everyone using it and none or maybe (some) l2j...... And if you forget at the time we was using l2j it was so unstable and buggy thats why we switch to l2p. All the time you missing the facts.... First you blamed me, then you blame the pack, who will be next blamed for your failure? Search the problems in you.
  8. I was in the team longer then you think... so kinda confused how it "collapse". Maybe thats why l2age/l2woa was one of best projects same for one of world reborns :) (for sure not nik leading them) Kinda funny how everyone promoting Nik but none know what actuality he did on previous servers. Current l2-imperial, developed by nik and unafraid - dead with tons of bugs. Last l2world developed by nik - l2p merged with l2j (droplist and skills rework epic). b1tch more please.
  9. Changelog 17.03.2015 - Added commands admin_reload_items, admin_reload_cbaugment - Added configs: Maximum Amount of Antharas/Valakas minions spawn. - Added config: split between normal and community droplist on shift+click. - Organize action html's. - Implement Nevits Herald for valakas/antharas. - Implemented several skills. - Fix handler for several items. - Organize TW badges rewards + added config. - FOG AI support rework. - Added AI support for DV raidbosses. - Added pages on default shift+click. - Several bad spawn's fixed. - Fixed alot icons of items. - Visual system im
  10. Now im sure you are his b1tch. He does not flame, so you are here. He told 20 lies, you support them. What more ? :)