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  1. the people want images ! ¡ i-ma-ges ! ¡ i-ma-ges ! ¡ i-ma-ges ! ahaha :)
  2. When u have more images, maybe i buy =D and... its like "engine" and i can add more things? or static things u put?
  3. Hello guys, if anyone sell botnet can send PM to me, please? i want make some test to my host. Thanks!
  4. oh, sorry i don't read my very bad. Thanks WingChun ^^
  5. Hello Community, i decide start search one Dev but with few things, read carefully °The developer need have time to work complicated or long things °Good skills to work on many things, not only basically things. (No need a superman anyway) °The dev make the code and show me working/ingame and then i paid and him send patch. send me your skype here, or if you don't want show your skype, ask me about my skype and i send PM. :) Thanks for your time to read. :alone:
  6. Mother of christ, Tomoya u say me when finish holidays about 1-10days of start year, u finish fix launcher stupid bugs: - When u use link from launcher, don't detect our navegator like firefox or chrome, open Internet Explorer. And don't put my image interface i send. AND YOU DELETE ME FROM SKYPE, MOTHER OF GOD WHAT ITS YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM ? Fucking shit support, very bad guy here.
  7. Hello, that its very similar to lameguard, u use same way of paid/work? six month etc. I are searching good anti-bot because lameguard not update, not care fix new bots etc. How i can test your quality? because not have any review. Cya!
  8. i have in this way see: @Override public boolean doDie(L2Character killer) { // Kill the L2PcInstance if (!super.doDie(killer)) { return false; } if (CustomServerConfigs.PVP_SPREE_SYSTEM && (getPvpFlag() > 0)) how is ? srry for ignorance :/ i use High Five l2j!
  9. Hey, u can help me with this code? i don't where put "dodiepanel (killer);" and i have few stupid questions more if u have time <3
  10. Hello guys, i need a client developer, but not for textures or effects. I need one guy can make other encriptation number, and people can't open ".dat" files because file edit not have this encripation. And if have knowledge, to make custom anti bot, we have one person java programmer in L2 and one person C++ programmer but not know about L2, is for seriously proyect. Thanks for read. Cya! ^-^ Srry for bad english :-[
  11. Hello Wolfgia, u make videos more long's ? or only presentations?
  12. Guys, i don't know why Tomoya delete me, but he add me again on skype and make the launcher. All well now. I hope not delete again, eventually i need changes on launcher/support. Srry for troubles! GL with our sales Tomoya, and thanks for not scam me !
  13. Tomoya, idk if u have a personal problems or what, but i paid to you, you start to work, send image to me, ALL well but later you not answer to me in few days, later delete me from skype :/ understand my position, for me in that moment is scam. Please contact me for fix this problem.
  14. already purchase, good web trusted guy. lock post i think, u sell only one. Cya!