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  1. you have some l2classic pack 1.5 or 2.0 ? Mobius its old, 1.0 without anything yet, and l2scripts cost a lot.
  2. Im interest on cp/hp bar, missing/critical/damage numbers message as in your video AND cast bar from goddes for hi5, send me your skype :)
  3. I know a bit of java (not big knowledges), and a lot of IA,behaviors bugs inside l2j and l2rebellion. I doesn't have too much time to test, fix, test pay for someone fix it. I need two things, a stable base (I know anything its 100% bug free, just a stable base of behaviors, many l2jru have this already) And Phantom System working fine. Cya
  4. Well, Im not going to pay him yet, Im talking with all devs I can.
  5. Cannot receive message yet. please send me your skype via PM
  6. I can't send u a PM, says you can't get more message. Please send me your skype by PM and I will add you.
  7. I already pm you in skype! ^^ Thanks SweeTs for your recomendations, I already contact Erlandys (doesn't have time) Brut, doesn't answer too much and was sick :( Im waiting him but searching for someone just in case. And Elfo I see its good developer, but Idk, I see so much bad comments about him. If you say its trusted I will contact him too ! About nevermore, I prefer he put hes time inside sunrise and help godfather, thanks anyway.
  8. What? do u have knowledge + free time? What works u do before to have a reference ? What langs do u know ? java and some other? php, c# ? I will do it, thanks xdem
  9. Well, I have some java knowledge, but Im searching for someone who have solid knowldege to do some ideas I have, more stable than I can do. I have one idea/job right now, but if the guy knows and do the job fine I will contact him again and again for more work. My dev doesn't have time, then Im searching for other guy. If are u interest and have knowledge, send me a pm. Thanks for your time.
  10. You are wrong Syber, u see I do my own codes. And schemes its a unique feature of my sellbuff... I just copy the style from one ru pack I buy time ago. (wolf pack if you don't believe me.) And I can sell it to you for 40eur, you already see I already h ave free buff for clan,ally,ip too. If you doesn't have interest ok mate, but never say that again. The style tis form l2jru packs, the core inside its by me. PS: You can download shared ones, from Liona or Synerge, or buy a l2jru and adapt it. And in the three cases, any of them have all your requests.
  11. Envieme PM y agregueme al skype. Hablo español como necesitas, y trabaje con varias personas ya. Saludos
  12. I already show you my own sellbuff with 90% of this things, included scheme with buff (The only sellbuff who have this, bcoz I do it and I never see in any other server) Tell me if you want it. atte: spektrum
  13. Dymek, tell me about your skills, about what you can do, and what you can't. And tell me if are you free to bring monthly service for monthly payments. Your unique task would be fix bugs, retail or from our own features. Depending on what you answer here, I wil add you to skype and continue the talk.