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  1. this is in databesa.properties and this is in HikariConfig.class
  2. I have add all my customs (not so much that connect to db) same as l2jserver staff make. I have change wait_timeout = 33000; in maria db because hikaricp options are hardcoded and cant be changed, we will see if this change somethig. if not ill try to start clean l2jserver just for test if my custom make this error.
  3. i have check all my connections, and all are close after execute. I read that hikaripool error is not only in l2j server, and is fixed by change the two options: wait_timeout <- this is for sql max-lifetime <- this is for hikaricp i cant find where i can find the hikari options.
  4. Hi, i work on l2jserver develop ( MariaDB 10.5 Openjdk11 Everything was ok but when i test my server after some time (more than 12h) i get : i read that maxidletime and maxpoolsize have to be change but even when i changemaxidletime to 30 i have errors again after same amount of time. and at beggining of server loading have this info: My second error: i have change some options in config about flood protection but still have this error, this is while farming. ps. I have post this on l2jserver forum but it seems dead ;/
  5. L2 Giran Vs Aden NOW LIVE!!! New Faction H5 L2J Server Website http://www.l2gva.online If you are looking for a good pvp server where fighting becomes your life. You do not have to search anymore, this is what you need. Rates: Exp/Sp/Drop - Custom Starting with S Grade items +16 and full attribute. Starting lvl 81. Subclass - no quest. Max Subclass - 3. Max Level Sub - 85 LvL. Buff Slot: 26 + 4 buff slot, 12 dance/song. Enchant: Safe +4 Max +16 Enchant scrolls - Failure will not break the item and goes -1. Blessed Enchant scrolls - Failure will not break the item, it will also remain on the same enchant Enchant Rates chance decrases while increase enchant level. Elemental Maximum Level: 7 Elemental Stone Chance: 45% Elemental Crystal Chance: 35% Elemental stones apply auto system(ctrl click on more than 1 stone, add all available stones to item) Features: Custom Community Board Cancellation & Steal Divinity returning back buffs Dressme system, buyable dressme, try dressme before buy. Various fancy cloaks,armors,weapons and accessories for dressme. Services Manager with All needed functions Auto Loot, Lucky reward Offline Trade Auto learn skills Olympiad every weeks Subclass skills also work on subclass NPC Buffer (with already prepared buffs for classes and save your current buffs) Buff Duration: 1h Vote reward, Vote tattoo increases stats Auto Potions Toggle Skill (Auto casting your CP/HP/MP) Custom Boss System, There is only one boss at the time, after boss death new one will spawn in 1h-2h, teleport to boss in Teleporter npc. Premium system. 10 Events every 1h. Enter from Community Board. Advanced player info, shows stats and items for online players. Dps meter. Training Dummy in main towns count Damage Per Second and higher single damage. Fort buffs are for all faction that clan taken belong Rank system. More info in Community Board in game. Ability Board: Buyable skills by SP. More info in Community Board in game. Tab "Ability" New petition system: Write petition when Admin/Gm is offline, reply to petition when comes online. Community Board tab "Petitions" Premium: Exp/Sp +30%. Drop chance/amount + 20%. Enchanted buffs from buffer +15 and +30. Fame + 30%. Glory + 20%. Balance Changes: All stuns chance 100%, reuse 45 sec, duration 4-8 sec. All fears chance 100%, reuse 50 sec, duration 5-9 sec. All slows chance 100%, reuse 40 sec, duration 8-12 sec. All cancel target skills chance 100% reuse 45 sec. All silences chance 100%, reuse 35 sec, duration 4-8 sec. All sleeps chance 100%, reuse 30 sec, duration 7-11 sec. All immobilazed skills chance 100%, reuse 25 sec, duration 5-9 sec. All other debuffs chance 100%, reuse 1 min, duration 10-15 sec. (duration depends of target stats/skill mastery/buffs/debuffs) buffs reducing chance to debuffs/stins/mental attack now reduce time for debuffs. Those changes do not affect olympiad games. All classes get new skill: Remove shock/debuff - Removes all kinds of stuns/debuffs/fears/sleeps and grant you invisibility do stuns/debuffs/fears/sleeps for 5 sec. Added Diminishing Returns. Diminishing returns means that certain spells and abilities become less effective against a target if used frequently within a short period of time. All changes are to make the game more tactical instead of counting on luck. Use your class knowledge to defeat your opponent.
  6. Hi guys iam looknig for one gm that help me in game, my server is in beta state(H5) and need some fixes till start. For now i need one man (woman) that help me and after start will be GM. my skype bubudemolka please only serous applications.
  7. This is nothing else like normal dressme but you can chose items for dressme from html. It has auto divide items by type with config.xml, that means you need only add items id ex "2131;4324;3322;45345;55;53423" etc. This code is ready for H5 l2jserver but i can adapt to any other project. Here example: https://youtu.be/Zqs6oWPJj2g Config <weapons> <set ids="10;52;13457;13458;13459;13460;13461;13462;13463;13464;13465;134"/> </weapons> <armors> <set ids="15575;15572;15578;15581;15584;15576;15573;15579;15582;15585;1557"/> </armors> <accessories> <set ids="10175;10242;10241;9415;9414;9413;9412;9411;9410;9396;9395;9394"/> </accessories> add me on skype: bubudemolka 8)
  8. Hello, because I no longer play, I decided to go back to l2j. I am open to work. My Skype: bubudemolka
  9. There was a problem on getting server votes. There was a problem on getting server votes. There was a problem on getting server votes. Detroitas how you make it works?
  10. honestly I do not focus on the appearance of html
  11. Hi. I finished adapting phoenix event engine for aCis and willing to sell it. (pls dont tell me i cant sell it because iam not author, iam selling my time while adapting, checking, testing) Event manager moved to communityboard: not any event running register team event is running Also removed vote for event remain only scheduler. same prperties in Events.xml adapted to aCis rev. 360 Contact me on skype for more info My Skype: bubudemolka
  12. Hello, currently I do not have any clients so I am free and ready to do something. i can do full server and small requests. ( i prefer to do full servers, mostly done pvp servers ) i can work on any l2j project. add my skype: bubudemolka