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  1. Thats the system, its just 2 files, lol u need the localization to play on the english client and the option.ini is just there for the lulz
  2. The localization.ini in the english system fixes it ;)
  3. Server re-opening? Or opening on 08/04 cya there, its a trustful copy of the old infinitel2 by erb/builder, hope to see some old faces there.
  4. Been up for about a month, lacks a meaningful item progression other than enchant this get augment and boss jewels, it's sorta balanced and has a low player base, max I've seen is a 20v20
  5. Will do once it's up, anyone knows about an infinitel2 copy/paste, there is a Russian one in the "makings" I think, or its completely dead.
  6. It isn't bad, just needs more people
  7. It isn't bad, just needs more people
  8. L2cygnus is ok, low online tho like 20-30 max on events, balance is nothing like infinitel2 or ovc tho
  9. Trying Cygnus atm, will come back with impressions
  10. Anyone knows of a decent faction server that is already online, I'm waiting for OvC but I got nothing to play in the meantime, anything close to OvC or InfiniteL2 would be great, thanks in advance
  11. I've played enough GvE yet the only event u have is a "take bases here and there and protect them", theres no TvT where kills counts to see who wins, no domination, no CTF, no deathmatch, no respawn system everytime u die u gotta get back to the city and port in, that makes the events boring as fuck because you're never grouped u come as u die theres no downtimes where a team is weaker because theres a respawn timer and random respawns, u choose the base where u want to respawn and just port there after u ress. Also, "only 1 thing I can agree its about balance but now its fixed", also u have s
  12. horrid balance, no delay on mana pots they act as herbs, too many buffs, last hit takes all the rewards for kills no real point to play an aoe dps based like glads/tyrants forget about healers, low player base, no auto balance for teams, shitty events are all the same only the location changes, bad bad bad, would not recommend.