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  1. l2jacis i get this error help anyone [javac] Compiling 1833 source files to build\classes [javac] \gameserver\model\zone\type\RaidLimitZone.java:9: error: RaidLimitZone is not abstract and does not override abstract method onReviveInside(Creature) in ZoneType [javac] public class RaidLimitZone extends SpawnZoneType [javac] ^ [javac] gameserver\model\zone\type\RaidLimitZone.java:40: error: cannot find symbol [javac] raidboss.teleportTo(raidboss.getSpawn().getLoc(), 0); [javac] ^ [javac] symbol: method teleportTo(SpawnLocatio
  2. How to change from floran teleport to other location?
  3. Hello best Linux OS for l2j servers? and why? CentOS Version Debian Version Ubuntu Version
  4. i try last reply delete code lines it's now working better but still i think with 2000 c.speed aura flare casting but now better any ideas? UPDATED: FOUND SOLUTION AND THANKS FIXED NOW WORKING PERFECT Thanks!
  5. Hello i have l2jacis i creating pvp server but i have problem with 2000 c.speed aura flare hiting not fast like in other server it's almost same like 1500 and 2000 c.speed and with other mage spells same what can be wrong? and if i change hittime like from 4500 to 500 it's same cast time but if i change to 450 then all okey with aura flare but it's not normal. <set name="hitTime" val="450"/>
  6. Hi i using L2jacis and i need for all npc system Anti-Take-Away. can't find working on newest l2jacis rev.
  7. The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you.
  8. Hey LF champion aura for l2jacis can't find. :O
  9. Hey looking for script for acis if people try take away monsters from spawn location they teleport back to spawn if they to far.
  10. good code but code not valid for acis can't find IXMLReader.java in google or some one can share IXMLReader.java for acis?
  11. when castle not started. like castle siege starts 18:00 to 20:00 all other time can register.
  12. hey i use l2jacis and how do siege every day? siege.java https://pastebin.com/vppmvvyG
  13. Hello i have l2jacis and how to disable attack npc in town? all stock settings with access 0 can attack npc's.
  14. Hey maybe someone have tutorial how edit lobby? where can login players?