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  1. Are those available for H5? If not, could some one adapt those for H5? I can pay the job.
  2. Fast service and trusted. We are happy with their services :)
  3. Tried h5 and classic 1.5 Any way I won't pay 2000 usd for sources. May if you sell in 700 with source I could thinking about it, but 2000 o 2500 is totally out of range. And 700 and pay extra for updates and support is over pricing too.
  4. Hello all I want you opinions about what's today the best java files for classic server, preference 2.0 in the market. Please don't recommend l2scripts. I have tried and it's too much price for not do high quality files. May if the sell files in 700 but with sources I could think buy it but without sources a can not fix our implement new things by my self. The nice team files sell with sources but the bring support and updates for 100 at month and his package is not complete yet. Tried and have many many details. Best regards.
  5. The problem with Strain is he is on vacacion now, but ill check if some other could be good for me. Thanks :)
  6. I dont need Account Pannel and dont need forum becouse i have it actually, for that reason say "External Link".
  7. Hello, As title says, i need to buy a Lineage web site design and server logo. I dont need it to be dynamic, it could be static site with Home, Features, Files, Account Panel (External Link), Forum (External Link). With news on home page and server status always visible. I have 100 ~ 200 USD to spend. If any interested please post here or send me PM to send my skype. Best Regards
  8. I use SmartGuard on my server for more than a year and i can say that it block most of popular bots, but we have about 20% of server using ADRENALINE Premium and they can bot anyway. I think SmartGuard could be better if the support to block ADRENALINE could be as fast as ADRENALINE is to bypass SmartGuard.
  9. Me too, im looking for the l2votesystem on skype but not reply any message.
  10. Its only for l2-scripts pack HTML?? Could you translate HTMLs from L2OFF Pack?
  11. Hello Have some one updated the server form IL to GF correctly and with any data lose?? How can i update the database from IL to GF? Best regards