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  1. Hi, let's talk about what you really need if you want. Skype: lineage2col
  2. Hi mate, mate I wanna know more about what are you looking for, add me on skype if u wanna TALK about it first. Skype: lineage2col
  3. LOOOOOOOOOL LordWinter are u here too? :D I hope I can talk with you, im one of the first customers of l2jeternity back days, we talk on ICQ :P
  4. U are with your partner? I didnt' remember his name. I work with you at the beggining when was monthly payment. And year ago I buy your source to you. Late me know when u are completely back to work with a website/forum or something please I wanna see :D
  5. Are u going to start work DragonSmile? Thats awesome
  6. Hi, I leave the server with my friends, so we sell our adena. 100k = 4.5usd Stock: 1.2kk skype: lineage2col
  7. 150 eur for compiled ? or I understad bad ?
  8. With this, we can do new stuff inside interface, new buttons etc? new effects on interface too? Or just re-use already resources from other chronicles?
  9. In order to make good advertisment we are looking for someone with video graphics design. Contact me if someone know one. Thanks
  10. Any skilled developer who can do a votereward for l2jbrasil ? Please scammers or low skills get out of here, you already try to scam me, and I know a bit of java to see if someone have my same level of java or its a true dev. Im searching for someone with solid knowledge to didnt do it myself bugged.
  11. Brilliant to be honest. The engine works like a charm, and you can do a lot of new stuff with the tools inside. - About support, Erlandys didn't have much time free, but he love what he did and answer you every time he can, at least 1 time at the day. You never see it off for days. - About Development, upgrade it with new events and fixs, some other features to improve the admins tools, like bug report directly to him. Thats great and for free. Why I'm detailing all this? bcoz I know how he works, I buy other stuff from him. I buy two license of his engine, one for Mobius
  12. send me a pm with your skype
  13. Yes, but I didnt get any L2Sguard geodata extension, just acis,l2off,l2j.
  14. Someone who its using l2scripts wanna sell me your .l2s extension geodata? Send me a pm guys.