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  1. Keyword right there "almost". Either way it's a nice little feature and if some of the customers don't like it, can easily disable it by just setting the timer to 0 so I don't see where all this fuss is about.
  2. I'm not saying the actual security measure protects against DDoS itself, what I mean is that assuming website does receive DDoS attacks, as well as affecting the website, it's most likely to interrupt the gameserver as well due to overloaded database. Where as by limiting the script to one connection per lets say 5minutes, will help prevent that from happening.
  3. If script has direct access to the database, as in the statistics are live from the database, you can send multiple requests to the page, and all of those requests will open a new database connection as well as make a new query and thus overload the database.
  4. Hello there, I'm selling a little script which allows the players to see who owns Epic Jewells in your server. By doing so players automatically gain your trust as they can see that you're not selling any epics for real currency. Script works for all chronicles (including Lindvior) and has an easy config. The watcher is updated every X minutes (config) to prevent any DDoS. Design can be easily modified, as well as integrated into your existing websites. http://s29.postimg.org/5esyy4sbr/Untitled_4.png Price: 15EUR (PayPal) Skype: artiax.code SOLD TO:
  5. It can be added to any chronicle you want, I'll adapt it for you myself.
  6. /findprivatestore only lets you search for what's written in the Store Title (set by the player), not actual items being sold.