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  1. mention a COMPLETE feature's list plz.. with every possible modification. This process is also part of a non-random project..
  2. i would suggest u remove Improved Buffs and limit the overall buff slots, that will offer one way for build option.
  3. no reduction on auto attack crid dmg across the board?
  4. Ougghh, i honestly find it SOOO hard to remain calm when i see comments like yours. So you say custom makes L2 unbalanced right? Hhmmm so u think Retail L2 is balanced??? A game where a skill like Paralyze lasts minutes?!?!? where is the balance in that???? If after 102321030 years u still FAIL TO SEE that the mere reason why ppl even play retail-like is because of nostalgia (which blinds them) and has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with balance then yeah, i think u should take a break and start observing. Interlude retail was shit, it was mage and archer fest. Hi5 improved in some areas and took away from other. A game based on Critical dmg and nothing else. A game where in a mass fight due to how cancel type skills would be working u would be left with your dick in your hand due to that retarded mechanic. A game where u needed 321032010 bots buffers to even play properly pvp. To even go outside in search of 1v1 encounters. NOTHING is perfect and retail-l2 was some light years farm from balanced when it comes to classes/skills/pvp. Good things about l2 is its OPEN World nature, the open pvp system, the mass sieges and boss events. But plz lets not talk about the PVP balance.
  5. Core Ring doesnt give what it says. Generally, all the custom stats on items dont work... this is really disappointing...... There are some weirdos like me that do check stuff like these..... now its hard for me trust you....
  6. do u have aa crit dmg reduced at all? @Dheva
  7. and i guess u dont plan to add pride-like features, right?
  8. Hello. Is this all you have when it comes to features? maybe u forgot to mention some? I am interested in features similar to pride-like (if u know ..)
  9. Hello, is this a Pride-like server? what kind of custom features do u have? can u list them plz? or all u have is there?