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  1. I can certainly give u entire new concepts for CUSTOM server, but im totally ignorant when it comes to developing (or i think so i am..)
  2. Its the best server of its kind but many ideas arent even his in the server. Now, personally he is a little bit of an idiot. He will realize it later though.
  3. What kind of server you want to make? with custom skills or retail-like just "balanced" ? Balance doesnt really require more than 1 person, all you need is a dummy. Unless ofc u have never thought of the basic principles based on which u want to make the balance, then yes, you will be lost in the woods.
  4. i am looking for a highly custom/modified server as well.
  5. much interest for da gamen.
  6. @Deazertier You and your mod kicking/banning me from discord for reporting BROKEN features in your server yet you claim you want QUALITY server?? ?? plz....... You are just another one of these broken pride copies and your indifference to fix what i reported shows that u actually do not care for a quality server. And im not even going to praise xdem, although his server is more of quality, i still have not find a server that cares for a greater lvl of quality. All you care about is to satisfy the stupid. gg successful.