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  1. 10vs10 fights in those screens and you have low details... i wonder how's the server if you can't afford high graphics in a 10 year old game
  2. are you going to blame players again after season ends in 2 weeks?
  3. aaaaaaand its dead shame you delete posts on forums when people don't agree with you, corrupted admin? poor luffy
  4. your seasons get shorter and shorter every time :S is it worth playing this server? hope your l2j code for interlude is better than your H5, afterall F1 spam chronicle :)
  5. yet you keep answering to all of my posts i guess im just right about your server and you stupid kid
  6. meme account obviously, i might play your server when a customer demands it. your bug report section is full of shit most of the time or with ego pride bullshit posts "its not a bug its a feature" things you need to work on: geodata, damage formulas, skills, for instance. don't tell me its "retail like" cause its not and the guy who sold u the files fooled you my review stands. server is good for a few days or weeks then its garbage just like his owner
  7. oh the no life card pog meme account so you don't ban me ingame. back to topic, maybe since you can't code shit you can buy proper code/files? ty
  8. server dead :( also pls fix ur damage / attribute formulas, they're super bad
  9. and then he types some emobullshit you "can't compete", xD his forum is full of "OMG HEALER NOOOBOBOB" easy pvp
  10. for 2 weeks max* then it dies again fixed
  11. i just post my review so other ppl know what to expect from this server, that is all
  12. server hadn't been up for 2 weeks and people crying about new season. few examples from 1st page, you close/erase all of them so ppl don't complain http://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/14722-so-what/ http://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/14665-interlude-season/ http://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/14705-next-season-interlude/ http://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/14665-interlude-season/ http://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/14686-make-the-server-great-again/ http://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/14634-what-the-next-class-fix/
  13. Hi again, server concept is good altho this server died in 2 weeks last season balancing is made by monkeys play 1 week then jump to next server good luck noobs
  14. I've been in top parties in this server, luffy's clan, climax's clan and midichlorians clan, i've also been in top 10 pvps in many seasons. Let me say that this server is worth playing but it has many issues too, one being it comes down to 15-20v15-20 very quickly. Maybe 3 days was exagerating too, but it has sometimes happened within a week or two. I guess you are either Emerald or Ruby (admins), and having this kind of bully-type answer makes this server a no for me (and many others).