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  1. I am selling ready to open Lineage2 Server ( Fafurion Chronicle ) Source is based on L2-Scripts 39921 revision with fixes and new features added by me (more info in skype) For more informations and test server contact me on skype: l2developer (saddam) Server is ready to open I provide full support and installation in your PC or Dedicated Machine with all programs you may need I am selling the whole project with website and forum included (more info in skype)
  2. I would not have the guts to speak again, i wonder why you are not banned yet, you purchased server from me and then you asked paypal to refund the money because you could not adjust your system in chinese. I provide server files, how you adjust your client files for your community is your own problem not mine.
  3. Hello community, after years of work, i am selling everything i have related to the Interlude chronicle Q: Why? A: Because i moved on lineage2classic and is better for me, my team and my community. First of all i want to say that the project was build on java platform and it works similar to PTS L2OFF, you can add me on skype and talk about everything you want, i will provide full support and everything you may need, you can test the server how many hours or days you want because test server will run 24/7 non-stop everyday. I assure you that everything inside server works perfect and there are no bugs or any problem. You can build any type of server on this source or you can ask me to build any style for you for a price (the price we will decide together based on what you want). I have 5 pre-build server in case you want to buy a "ready to open pack" style 1: Classic Interlude (non customized), a simple mid-rate server similar style with l2warland x20/ l2dex x75 / l2mid x25 style 2: Classic Interlude (non customized), a simple high rate server similar style with l2damage x9000 style 3: Interlude (customized), a custom pvp server with some custom armor/weapons/jewelry, custom farm zones and bosses (more info in skype) style 4: Interlude (customized), a custom pvp server with a lot of mods and custom items/zones/skills (more info in skype) Example here: style 5: Classic Interlude (light customized), a classic interlude server which combine the lineage2classic with interlude (more info in skype) Features list here: CONTACT ME ON SKYPE: l2developer (saddam) I will provide you with full support and everything you may need form me (support is lifetime and free)
  4. As long as i left interlude and moved on classic, i will give you a very good pack for the best price. Contact skype: l2developer (saddam)
  5. I am selling my project Lineage2Europa Here is the website: Here you can read about our server features: Server files are very very stable and perfect, Eeverything inside was reworked over the years to work same as l2off If you have any doubt about that you can ask for a test server anytime or simply login to our server (is still online) Everything inside work outstanding, this are by far the most complette and perfect interlude files. I decided to sell the whole project with source to someone intrested to continue this business IMPORTANT! SERVER WILL BE SOLD ONLY 1 TIME TO 1 CUSTOMER, NOBODY ELSE WILL OWN THIS FILES I am selling server files + source + website Server will be only sold 1 time to 1 customer only (in case server will be sold do not ask for a copy because you will be refused) contact skype:
  6. This is why is beta! :) All of the above will be fixed on live server. Custom armor set effect appear from +17 now, will be changed to +12 after restart.
  7. ADVERTISE EVENT: Post our banner followed by our main website page: Post screenshoot with 10 facebook groups you have posted our advertise banner and website link And you will be rewarded with Premium Rune on Grand Opening RULES: Post in "Advertise Event" (section) form our forum: Screenshoots with evidence you have advertised our server on: facebook pages skype forums And post your name in game We will give you Premium Rune on LIVE