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  1. Amazing job. Things I couldn't fix for two weeks, this guy fixed it in an hour. I admire and envy skills and knowledge.
  2. Thanks a lot but cant to unpack it, error including.
  3. Thanks Loft but I really cant to find it there xD It is so hard.
  4. Looking for it. Anyone can reupload link ?
  5. Topic can be locked. I found good one person.
  6. You misinterpret my words. I know that for some people this is bad and unprofitable but I just want to do it. Anyway, thank you for the instruction and common sense.
  7. Some people would spend this money on alcohol, others on cigarettes, I want to put a server. Even if it is money thrown away, I will not cry. This is to be a server for people who don't have much time to play. Not for typical farmers. I just want to ensure server stability in advance, so that people can be sure that, they are not wasting their valuable time on a server that will shut down in a month or two. It may not make sense to you and many others, but for me it is a small fulfillment of my own self.
  8. Looking for Interlude developer for check my Eola/Oberon files, and fix thing that dont work or work incorrectly. Connection with my dedicated server by Teamviever. Payment after job after prior agreement of the rate by paypal. Developers - only long time known on the forum and should be trusted and recommended by users mxc.
  9. Some things changed in character table in navicat works - like change lvl or change status nobless, but hero status or acclvl do not works. Files which I got have some problems like this but I dont want to change them because there are amazing additions like instant dungeons,automatic events and much more. I know that I shouldn't take this job without knowing programming and writing files server, but I have a fondness for Interlude.And I would like to create a server for my own satisfaction. I have never had time for this before, but now I have broken my ligaments in my knee and I have
  10. Make any acc lvl more than 0 = just stay with loading screen forever. When I make gmserveronly then status is down and 9999 ping. When I make gmserveronly and change acc lvl in navi then after login acc lvl is again 0.