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  1. WTS Rootware Service [Java Developing]

    Whoever write that l2j is dead but he insist in making mods or sell should die by today. I got tired of this shit.
  2. aVVe reputation abuse

    Avve simply give -1 reputation for any post no matter what. Simply from +6 reputation im down to +1 and 80% of my comments were not even responding to him . I don't care for the reputation since it's useless. Most of users have 200 reputation and they just leech russian shit. But this homo erectus lately got multiple reports for delaying up to 3 months the client's work and then all of sudden when a client open a report 3-4 days later he appear with exquse of ex girlfriend e.t.c Only in top 5 pages there are 4 reports of him . Now he also abuse reputation or whatever this mean. If even now he dont get any punish after all this then next time someone scam in buy section give him 4-5 chances as you did with aVVe to be fair. Oh. ps avve don't bother write or answer i wont even check this topic again.
  3. Donators Donators αλλα εισαι ικανος να ποσταρις 5.000 κωδικα raw χωρις καν code tag η pastebin
  4. Ετσι θετικο σε θελω :)))))))))
  5. Γιατι ξερεις java κ ρωτας :)))
  6. Hello, so this guy wrote a message. I tried read it and i think that is an encrypted alien message. Anyone have any idea?
  7. EN aVVe Dumbass

    Woo friendship Drama " Thanks for suport me :'( now i'll lick you... " god damn it polish people..
  8. EN aVVe Dumbass

    Why should i care for pixels? Literally it's pixels. You prove u dont have a lie and a girlfriend by giving value on some pixels. I'm sure tomorrow if maxtor add Karma u gonna kill each other for karma and de-karma. But nobody likes you in this forum, u won't have any new clients be sure. Keep working in those shitty programs that in 2017 even a grandma can work and copy paste some layers and call it design. Also how mature you can be in ur real life when u try make business and ur profil photo is literally a naked monkey. Really i would like to have u as friend on facebook so i can see your face bleh.... Oh i forgot also ~Avve ROFL
  9. EN aVVe Dumbass

    Hahaa downvote by aVVe the polish guy whom girlfriend lost virginity from 2 years old. Keep doing downvote monkey. I don't care about it + u give me the chance to report u for reputation abuse as already 2 people told me to do. :) go ahead
  10. EN aVVe Dumbass

    OK go back to your girlfriend's problem now and be AFK 5-6 weeks, your clients expect that Also why u gave me -1 i want laugh at the reason :)
  11. EN aVVe Dumbass

    You think i care for the - reputation u do to me? Because i rated ur fucking post you come and rate an irrelevant post i did to a guy? Fucking polish gipsy nobody likes you -Ave rofl
  12. Discussion Game time [Day-Night] Ticks

    Well yes u can do this or do the shit-way as aCis did to re-add :D
  13. Discussion Game time [Day-Night] Ticks

    ok thanks, very informative. So the 4 hours is perfectly. And i also added the broadcast upon login if is night only cause i believe broadcast SunRise when is day is not good since the default weather is day and the sunrise looks redish. So ill just broadcast sunrise upon day change only and new login players will just see blue sky. The other question is whats the best option to broadcast the dark elf skill upon change. Currently i simply did a for and just re-add the skill to those who have it to get the new effect. I havent try if getEffects work. Any other proper way?
  14. Cause we hope one day randoms will stop open pridelike and goldlike servers with any custom shared client they found from silly russians.