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  1. I have to be honest. It's very ugly design. Keep efforts for yourself, when u come up with a nice special design then share it if you want.
  2. Rumors say that if you write the same question 1 more time, god will send you the answer via Jim Carrey in your hotmail.com
  3. WTS Promo Movies For Your Project

    All of them are shared on www.shareae.com I would list them one by one but why bother...
  4. No because Melron is currently working in creating ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE system which will take L2Monsters in another level!. I'm kidding. Afcourse it can be adapted everywhere. Its up to you..
  5. Kamex need to sell... stop flame.
  6. Dear god this coding... Use enums better... public enum Spree { DOUBLE_KILL(2, "Double Kill"), TRIPLE_KILL(3, "Triple Kill"), ULTRA_KILL(4, "Ultra Kill"); final int kill; final String msg; private Spree(final int kill, final String msg) { this.kill = kill; this.msg = msg; } public void triggerBroadcast(final L2PcInstance player) { player.setSpreeKills(player.getSpreeKills() + 1); for (Spree s : Spree.values()) { if (s.kill == player.getSpreeKills()) { Broadcast.announceToOnlinePlayers("Player " + player.getName() + " got a " + s.msg); } } } } Took me 45 seconds and is 2000% better than 450 lines of code you did...
  7. WTB L2J-DATAPACK, L2J-Server

    Okay, check your inbox then. Wtvr
  8. What you don't understand? If you want the item to be split among party members change: if (item.getItemId() == 57 && item.getItemId() == 6577) to if (item.getItemId() == 57 || item.getItemId() == 6577)
  9. WTB l2catshop.com SCAMMER

    For god sake... Do you even see that this is MARKETPLACE section? And you open a WTB report here? Just for this i wouldn't believe you my self even if you provide evidence..
  10. WTB L2J-DATAPACK, L2J-Server

    Big prospects you've got there. Also why interlude?
  11. WTT Paysafe exchanges into Paypal

    Trusted guy, exchange was like 1-2 minutes. And he only keep 0.50 for every 10 euro which is the best price for me.

    Impossible to be Kamex features, he can't code.
  13. WTT Paysafe exchanges into Paypal

    Hello, i try exchange 20 euro paysafe account for paypal. Can you give me ur skype? Thx!
  14. Share Evie Frye Backup Scheduler

    Oki thanks!
  15. Share Evie Frye Backup Scheduler

    Thx, did you use it or just read the preview?