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  1. After some work we had he asked to buy the tournament system but he said he dont have money in paypal so i gave it to him and told him to pay me later. 5 days later he said he added money but paypal held money for unknown reason and i had to wait 10 days. After 17 days he said he wont pay cause its full of bugs. The full of bugs is just 2 known issue: 1. Some extra code (check when player participate in tournament and no let him join again for 24 housr) which i wrote him few days ago which the problem is at player.sendMessage(); it says 5025230 hours cause i forgot to delete the System.currentMilliseconds() 2. Players can revive during match (which i again forgot to add a check on Ressusect.java to not work during match). After blabla i asked him to enter to fix those 2 and he denied while continously writting with caps FULL BUGS FULL BUGS like most of latino do. So basically after 17 days i got no money + he deny me to enter and fix those 2 line fixes. I literally told him even after 17 days to enter and fix the damn wrong message to the player and he continue saying about the bug as if he dont know a shit of what grammar is. Idk why latinos are not banned from this community yet. His server is L2Grimson His skype:
  2. I have a better idea. Download Lisvus files, make a C4 server, create a char, login and make +30 and say you're GM also :'( its very trueeeeeee
  3. Ya noob :'( thats very sad storki. He can't find your char in database because you were too noob for this SQL Afcourse you're not me. If you were u would be einstein or something :'(
  4. [GR] Περιοδο εχεις? Φυσικα και δεν ειναι ο real gold. [/GR]
  5. No shit, 6 days ago someone asked for a system that even elfo would sell it 300+ euro for free and because i comment "stop asking for free stuff and blabla people work and need money" Nevermore came and gave me -1 reputation for no reason rolf and because i called him "id**" i got banned for 5 days. Sure calling Idiot someone give 5 days ban but having 500 topics and bump them or give -1 reputation for no reason is fine.
  6. His work is already shared :D a client yesterday pm'ed me and said he ask 80 euro for 3 NPC's and 5 min later he said "np i downloaded from l2rr" I hope they join this topic and comment. And about his topics, sure next time i code something ill open new topic so Marketplace will end up with 5000 topics of mine. They are friends with celestine and deMEV and they give reputation to each other for no reason.
  7. Whats wrong with those two? Everyday they spend their 5 rep points in adding them onto random posts of each other Many people on skype came lately and told me that virus ask huge prices for stuff that are shared in russian sites. More than 2 people in 1 month came and said he ask 100 and 300 euro for 3-4 NPC's that 2 min later they downloaded from ru sites. Ex. http://l2rr.ucoz.ru/load/npc_for_interlude/npc_ndwarf_warrior_for_interlude/8-1-0-1861 and i hope those persons who are VIP in this forum to check this topic and reply to confirm it if you think i lie or so. Whats the advance of being russian? You can join and read unreadable sites that others can't reach or search? I'm 100% that most of the work of ViruS is shared, still 5000 reputation and 100000 euro prices. ViruS has more than 200 topics in Marketplace. So basically everytime i make a code i should make a new topic? I'm the idiot who post all my codes in 1 topic as a list a? Why i have to see ViruS, ViruS, ViruS, ViruS, ViruS, ViruS, ViruS, ViruS, ViruS, ViruS, and then other WTS topic? Maxtor you're 7.5 years busy adding the banned group and ignore basic stuff. Got scared by Elfocrash for losing money and added the "Agreement statement" upon enter in site but for people who make 5000 topics and abuse the reputation system you close your eyes. Ps. ViruS stop using 3D's max LOGO in your video thumbnails. You don't know how to use 3D's max, other than just import -> export
  8. Εκτος σερβερ δηλαδη στο website?
  9. Ok stop crying now, i'll make a Gold Balance server, insert the nickname and make you happy! My server will be 200% balanced trust me.
  10. I have answer you on skype since yesterday idk why you post here.
  11. It's ur fault. Brutus got banned for scam 200 euro few days ago @Maxtor That happened because of you. Cause you haven't add banned group yet and people still pm to brutus and add him on skype.
  12. O Designatix σβηνει οτι σχολια δεν του αρεσουν. Γεμισαμε χοντρους :'(