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  1. WTS EXP in Talking Island Server for char's level 36~50 2kk of Exp in 20min (with Rune 50%) 1.1kk of Exp in 20min (w/o Rune/Boost) Price: 20min = 250k adena. Promotion: If you call 2 friends you get 20 minutes of free exp Note: the process will be done in a high level spot, with supports and tank level 70 Contact: Forum PM or Send ingame Mail for "iVenda" Char .
  2. Race: Elf Class Base: Wynn Summoner Elemental Master Level: 102 Skills Enchant: +5+6+10 Dual Class: Feoh Wizard Storm Screamer Level: 101 Complete Exalted Level 3 Itens: Set: Blessed Seraph Robe +8 3x120 Weapon: Blessed Specter Rettributer +9 (2x SA) 300att Shirt's: Elemental Shirt +10 Maphr's Shirt +7 Accessories: Queen Ant Soul Ring; Enhanced Istina's Ring (Wizard); Top-grade Resistance Earring Stun; Protector's Guar
  3. Wynn Summoner Elemental Master 101 (Close to 102) / Dual Yul GS 101 Exalted Quest lv2 (Only 2more sieges to lv3) Brooch 5slot (Ruby3,Saph3,Tanz3,Emerald3,Pearl3,Diamond3...etc)