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  1. Hello, I am looking for the weapon glow of the new hero weapons of classic 3.0 Kameal. If someone can help me send me a message. I can also pay you for the effort. Regards Vymn
  2. Ye ur pc simply couldnt handle it probably, causing a lag. it even tells you what happened. its defo not extender side.
  3. Every admin is clueless nowadays, not even trying to come up with new ideas. Also I have never seen such a fuckin monkey community then the community that is playing private lineage 2 servers. Kids got spoiled and now they dont know what a real l2 server looks like.
  4. Wtb good l2off dev. who actually knows his stuff in the source code of vanganth. If u think that ur a l2dev who can add some lines please spare me the useless conversations.
  5. Hello guys, I was wondering if anyone has a fix for vanganth his ERA system. So far I got it working that its swapping the ERA's every xx time but somehow the NPC's are not spawning which have the correct event_name I also have the source and I am trying to check if I can find the error in there but so far no luck. Regards
  6. Hello I am looking for someone who can help me with creating a design for my forum, a design for my splash and a design for my loading screen.
  7. I would recommend this to everyone who wants a good working webhost. The service of the admin is awesome and everything is working perfectly. Just try it, it will be worth your money!!
  8. Something is wrong in your SQL database Something is wrong in your ODBC files basicly you did something wrong with the setup Providing some error.txt files would help
  9. Haha Administrator list of snitches. pure money wise. dumas the only thing that he's good in is snitching websites from people who payed for it. like dandi
  10. Man.... I seriously trusted you time after time.. And now you pull another trick on me? Showing how immature you are and a fuckin thief. I gave you information for files and everything, and still you somehow managed to fuckin steal my template. Nothing more to say, just pathetic. Loves, Munich
  11. pliz batter inglish, yu wrait nais bat mi no anderstand :|
  12. Trustable guy with really awesome designing work!

  13. Is it possible to get the click + shift to get the question mark and view the item in interlude? Also is it possible to get the alt click on buff in bar to delete it possible in interlude? Kind Regards