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  1. Good luck to your server my friend! xx Munich
  2. Alisa already helped me 😉 Thanks for trying to scam me and make my name look bad.
  3. I have asked him to if its possible to delete the autofarm button from Protocol 306 He said 150USD, I told him I wanted proove to be sure its deleted and not still there. He provided me a 245 protocol where he deleted the Lshop or something, never checked cuz 0 245 protocol servers. Then he provided 286 protocol where he deleted the Lshop or something, never checked cuz 0 245 protocol servers. Then suddently I have to pay 50usd and get blacklisted on every single forum. 150USD is a lot of money, I never agreed on his service. I told him I needed to think. ArtToKill 16:32 if you need to delete it from 306, you will pay another$100 17:33 let me think about it ArtToKill 17:37 think as much as you want, it's just that it will be easier for me when I have money in my account 19:25 Easier if u let me test 311 😁 ArtToKill 19:43 I won't give you anything until I see the money
  4. Just to clarify things before this Russian guy is blacklisting me everywhere. I never scammed him, never had any intention to scam him. He is suddently asking 50usd for nothing. Full skype convo (PS never got 306 protocol xdat that he did want to delete for me) 14:33 Hello are you here? ArtToKill 14:33 Hi 14:33 I have question about xdat editor I need it for 306 protocol for L2Classic, is it still 250usd? ArtToKill 14:33 Yes Ok no problem 14:34 or is it less then 250 now? ArtToKill 14:34 3.) Interface.xdat editor: RU - Это редактор интерфейс файлов на базе редактора от ACMI. Так же добавлен импорт и экспорт в XML. ENG - This is a file interface editor based on the editor from ACMI. Also added Import and Export to XML. Protocol games: 273, 488, 166, 196, 245, 286, 306,311 (Так же можем добавить любой нужный вам протокол.) Price: 250$ New Price: 249.99$ yes 14:35 Problem is I only need 1 line to be deleted from Interface.xdat, cant u do it for me? as service I want UI of Automatic Hunting deleted ArtToKill 14:36 no, only the sale option is being considered 14:36 I can pay 1x money if u delete for me ... ArtToKill 14:37 I don't have 306 protocols available, only 286-311, but if you buy, I will add support within one day therefore, the option is only for purchase 14:39 I dont want it, I need service for 1 time interface edit ArtToKill 14:40 I will not add support for one small job adding one support costs$100 and if you need a service, the price is$50 150$ and we're done ok? 14:41 150 for xdat editor? ArtToKill 14:41 no service delete one line 14:42 150 for one line xD jezus its 5min work ArtToKill 14:42 can't you read or something? 1 line 50$ and 100$ add support 306 14:44 aaah Is this located in Interface.xdat? ArtToKill 14:45 no ugx 14:46 do delete that window = ugx? to* ArtToKill 14:46 I can delete this window for you for$300 4.) Editor .ugx files: RU - Это редактор файлов .ugx, в комплект входит: импортер и экспортер файлов .gfx файлов, и редактор .gfx файлов. ENG - This is a .ugx file editor, which includes: file importer and file exporter .gfx files, and the editor .gfx files. Protocol games: ALL Price: 500$ New Price: 499.99$ 14:58 300usd a lot of money for someone making his first server xD ArtToKill 14:58 good luck friend, look for someone who will do this job for you, see you soon 14:58 I know its a fair price but its a lot of money for me ArtToKill 14:59 then you'll have to live with this window) 14:59 haha ye I know but I cant u 1000% sure its UGX? ArtToKill 15:00 you can search for him in xdat 15:01 ye without an editor xD ArtToKill 15:01 then why these questions? ArtToKill 22:47 your interface no 286 version system_RU_286_patched_unp_last.rar 22:48 Idiots say 286 on website, maybe is 272? Gonna search for 286 again ArtToKill 23:46 I sleep 10:36 how much was the editor 306? ArtToKill 11:42 250$ ArtToKill 14:30 did you check it? 14:30 at work right now ArtToKill 14:31 where is my$50? 14:32 what the fuck you talking about? ArtToKill 14:33 I did a job for you, you checked it, you say it works, where is my money? 14:33 im at my work working ArtToKill 14:34 what is your nickname on MMO-DEV? 14:36 i want it deleted from 306, if that works I will pay u 50usd. I never agreed sending you money so stop scamming me. 284 was to check if it actually is deletedable and I did not have time to check it yet because I am at work / designing buildings ArtToKill 14:36 what is your nickname on MMO-DEV? ArtToKill, Vandaag om 14:34 + 14:45 Why u gonna blacklist me xD ArtToKill 14:45 Don't worry I'll figure you out one way or another fuck you fucking bastard, I will write to all the developers who are engaged in the client, so that they would not have any business with you fucking asshole 14:47 Bastard? I will show everyone your chat logs I never told u that I would pay for those ''example'' interface.xdat we agreed that I could check if it could be really deleted through interface and later on if I WOULD ASK YOU TO DO IT AND AGREE ON PAYMENT that u would delete it for me for 150USD Read our chat history 14:58 I didnt fuckin scam you! Learn English I never agreed to pay u 50usd for EXAMPLES ArtToKill 14:58 fuck suck the stump of an american 14:59 Delete topic or I will expose you everywhere ArtToKill 14:59 your task is only to spin on Russian dicks mediocrity pussy for your future project is still at the nascent stage) 14:59 Im not even mad u missunderstood me ArtToKill 14:59 I will not delete the topic until I get my money 14:59 I wanted to see if we could delete the icon from interface We never agreed on money read up show me where I said I will send u 50usd if u would make example for 284 protocol ArtToKill 15:00 right now bro I'll go to other forums wait a little more 15:00 Our agreement was 126euro / 150usd on protocol delete IF I agreed on it do it and I will make topics everywhere about you ArtToKill 15:01 let's see, you bastard, how you will continue to work on these contacts 15:01 Every english guy will read skype and see ur wrong ArtToKill 15:01 I have friends everywhere)
  5. Why dont u just use C6, get the C4 login screen and delete the stuff interlude has added?
  6. Oke sorry did not know that 😃 nice share then! really amazing files and developer.
  7. You can close this topic! I would recommend not to use vanganth's ERA system. Super buggy and I have it working through AI now.
  8. Amazing Admin! Good luck to your server!
  9. Hello, I am looking for the weapon glow of the new hero weapons of classic 3.0 Kameal. https://ibb.co/j5s2C4X If someone can help me send me a message. I can also pay you for the effort. Regards Vymn
  10. Ye ur pc simply couldnt handle it probably, causing a lag. it even tells you what happened. its defo not extender side.
  11. Every admin is clueless nowadays, not even trying to come up with new ideas. Also I have never seen such a fuckin monkey community then the community that is playing private lineage 2 servers. Kids got spoiled and now they dont know what a real l2 server looks like.
  12. Wtb good l2off dev. who actually knows his stuff in the source code of vanganth. If u think that ur a l2dev who can add some lines please spare me the useless conversations.
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