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  1. Still tales server, hosted on same server with linezeus.gr :D
  2. I think that you forgot to mention CPU/Network/SSD, a good server can't be based only on RAM....
  3. 7778 is the IP port lul. and 7000 is probably the max amount of online players that can connect in the same time to server. @AchYlek want say that there are 48 online players, but in game the counter show x7 times the real amount.
  4. No, they don't use fandc. @Mikel Alan Don't buy fandc, you can find it shared on forum.
  5. What is the point to copy another server name? Is the 3rd server that open with same shared files, same name and same story. Use a "famous" server name will not guarantee you the success.
  6. Probably you can enable/disable it... you don't think?
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Detroit:_Become_Human
  8. Yes, is what i said. nowdays is very hard that someone will join your project, spend time and wait for "incoming money".
  9. I think will be hard to find someone that will work for "free". Anyway .. good luck with your project!
  10. poor guy that don't know l2 and come here for cry... where you see dagger with 11 dex? idiot, i'm using dagger stats are ok, damage ok, and server not 100% balanced but better then other for sure. so stop cry like kid and learn 2 play
  11. this server will be like l2eriu just changed name. a waste of time.
  12. maxcheaters.com --> l2j share section --> l2mythras files --> download --> ovh --> buy server machine --> put online server --> change some html --> put donation --> open server . another server with same story, but different name.
  13. :alone: this are not the real amount of online player, just think that 50% of this "500" are x2 client... so will be 250 players.. but you have fake online count so.. just make 250/5 = 50 real online (maybe)
  14. Is better if you don't buy... they are opening other server.. so you will waste your money
  15. You need to create java code for make it close.
  16. I think there will be problem to close the community board.
  17. I will not change idea about this server... just a bad try to use another server name for take some ppls. they taked shared pack & system, put server online changed domain to .pw and open server without beta... max 30 ppls on, all spots and town are empty.
  18. You are part of staff member ... also without reading forum rules you create 2nd topic for advertise your server and go on main topic for auto reccomend the server. :okey:
  19. Just compare few of the screen that you made, and will figured out that you are using aeron pack. So i don't know why you said that is unique server.
  20. I don't think... when server open with same pack, but with other name.. want hide something.. so i will not waste more time in aeron server.
  21. So if you buyed the project, why you are not using the real website... ?