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  1. as title say , i'm looking for l2 scryde.eu faction server files . this website of server : http://www.scryde.eu/
  2. so i want your advice , i buy it or not ? cause i'm going to create mid-rate server i'll work on it for months please tell me which best files for mid rate , balance , events engine , rewards methods .. etc .
  3. Hi guys i want ask you , which files l2 lionna use ? Please give me website selling this files .
  4. i can't contact you in skype , please write your skype account or pm there no skype with your name
  5. Hi guys i buy adrenalin key before 1 hour but , i can't make it english language , the update tool have (Adrenaline (en) ) but didn't work , anyone can help me ? i buy it from : http://adrenalin5.ru
  6. Hi Guys some times i have this error in game console [l2-ro team files ] 7:01:02] ERROR Client: IN_GAME IP: Account: mahdy Player : Copper[268489078] - Failed running: [C] Appearing - Server Version: -1 va.lang.NullPointerException at l2ro.gameserver.model.instances.residences.SiegeFlagInstance.getName(SiegeFlagInstance.java:32) at l2ro.gameserver.network.serverpackets.NpcInfo.<init>(NpcInfo.java:39) at l2ro.gameserver.model.instances.NpcInstance.addPacketList(NpcInstance.java:2121) at l2ro.gameserver.model.Player.addVisibleObj
  7. Thanks sloved now when i open the url the control panel not open what must be the right path ? my path : %SystemDrive%\www\www.l2acpAr.com Is there a specific folder that I should be specific to?
  8. guys what wrong here , when i open the link in browser nothing showing
  9. guys how i may remove visual effect from other players ? i want add this choice to dressme in this files
  10. Hi guys i'm looking for this cloaks in the pic , i hope it's for free [ for high five ] help me to find it , ty .
  11. Hello Guys i need to someone help me in my server development , we will make a deal about the price [ Dev who can do anything in java pack ] who can , contact me on private message .
  12. Hello guys , sorry i don't know where i must put this topic . i have problem here , i'm trying to make l2.bin required 2 files to start the game " patcher.dll" "entry.dll" who can make it required please help me The Files : https://www95.zippyshare.com/v/UEgIOfYQ/file.html