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  1. Max total size is 9.66 kB, any each of my screenschots are 40 kB, how can i post the pictures like that?
  2. OverbaferN26 scammed me 250 Euro for items on L2 Warland , im looking for an Admin / Moderator to send them all the evidence.
  3. Thats true, some clan leaders only care about the Money and nothing else, and most of the admins are corrupted too :/
  4. CP means Constant Party, ist a Group of People that Play a Long time together, they farm together, they always pvp together.
  5. with Windows 10 you can use all Versions, there is no Problem, DirectX 12 is just optimized for new games like GTA V for example. I have seen some Benchmarks in YouTube, and i saw that in old games that are using unreal engine DirectX 10 and 11 gives you more FPS.
  6. Hello, i would like to know which is the best DirectX Version (10, 10.1,11,12) for Lineage 2, i mean with which Version can i get the most FPS and cool graphics.
  7. thnx for the fast reply AchYlek! bad News then, the admin here will not unbann me for sure. He let me Play with other accounts but if i ask him to give him Money for that he will bann me forever i think, so i dont wanna risk it.
  8. 4 Accounts of me got perma banned, i dont want the chars back, i just want to take the items back without Admin notice anything about that ! If some1 can help me im gonna pay him ( PayPal or bank Transfer) Best regards
  9. Hello guys, i hope some1 can find me a programm to avoid-block the Anticaptcha-Antiboting System. I can pay with PayPal, or bank transfer. Regards
  10. Hello everyone, Im playing on L2 Warland ( x20 Interlude, Long term Server), i belong to clan AdminSpawN. We are looking for some new members, i hope i can find some guys that are interested. Teamspeak3 required.
  11. ladyofl2, if you are interested on Interlude (mid rate) Servers pm me.