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  1. Fatal error: Cannot use 'String' as class name as it is reserved in /home/fr2com/domains/freya-l2.com/public_html/donate/vendor/String.php on line 7 This error comes when trying to install donate system?? Please help. <?php namespace Donate\Vendor; if ( ! defined('STARTED')) exit; class String { public static function truncate($string, $length = 50, $append="..") { $string = trim($string); if(strlen($string) > $length) { $string = wordwrap($string, $length); $string = explode("\n", $string, 2); $string = $string[0] . $append;
  2. Hi guys where in system edit those ?? Thank u x
  3. wow nice man! Finally not C6 or H5 ! Great job and good luck!
  4. I'm still looking for web designer or some1 who already have something nice to sell. This gonna be for my FREYA mid server. Pm or skype : Mr.Eddy.
  5. Recommend! This Freya pack is unreal! All buggs fixed in 24 h . Have a nice support from developer! A+++++++
  6. Top pvp pk online players etc
  7. Hi lads I need profesional web designer who could make php web with scripts etc... TYYY
  8. # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Game Server Settings # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # This is the server configuration file. Here you can set up the connection information for your server. # This was written with the assumption that you are behind a router. # Dumbed Down Definitions... # LAN (LOCAL area network) - typically consists of computers connected to the same router as you. # WAN (WIDE area network) - typically consists of computers OUTSIDE of your router (ie. the internet). # x.x.x.x - Forma