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  1. let me introduce team, we have 1 guy who is in love with l2, he is constantly testing server's systems and thinking how to improve them he is also our designer. 1 guy who is in charge of the project's marketing at this time he does not have lot of work but later on marketing will be crucial for our project. lastly me devops and python developer ofc i cannot write l2 code in python but i can take care of out of game stuff such as donate system, real life currency treading on our website, registration to server etc.. hope this will clear up this "The developer will work every day/night
  2. not really a problem, we can wait if he/she will dedicate time to study jave, also developer wont be alone so there is really little chance that problem will not be solved. we are totally with you on this but don't really see any possible way to prove our trust, so something just have to be powered by trust. "some l2 code" was quoted from PM with @Evie Frye,we understand everything that is why we are searching for a head developer who will say what will be needed from developers side something like CTO. we are not hiring employee!!! we are searching for a team membe
  3. @Evie Frye as we discussed in pm we understand where you stand, you want money for your work not revenue. about your enlightenment speech, please don't call community kid's playground and associate them with trolls, noobs and scamers. this is friendly topic we don't want all out community war here, if you sir are not interested in this certain project please stop advertising negative attitude.
  4. Hi. we wanted details to be discussed over PM, but it is agreeable that this topic needs more info, for starter will answer your questions and give you small description @Solomun. we are planing HI5 chronicle, low rate server with buff and MP(really bad mana potions). apart from that everything is variable because we want to change lot of unused aspects of game with something interesting like giving catacombs and 7 sign new life, reworking on rewarding system in olympiad, reworking clan systems, making new currency which will be available from different sources(pvp, oly, raid, farm etc.
  5. Hello, We are looking for Java developer for our Lineage 2 Project. Qualifications Should have experience working with java and solving complicated problems using java or should be dedicated to learning java. Should be able to communicate in English. Should be able to work with task management systems. Will receive A part of revenue from project. Experience working on a real project. in case of interest register here: https://goo.gl/forms/y5sEy1s2EE5MPOMB2 after registration our representative will contact you shortly.