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  1. That would be a total nonsens, to keep hardocded config to true and default properties to false.
  2. Funny is, your configs are set to false and still it pop up. Else you show us raw configs. Anyway.
  3. Tutorial quest, script is missing on acis. Not sure if it's linked, perhaps. I don't remember =) The window is not present, yeah, that's some wrong client positioning. Sometimes happens, especially with summon/pet window :p
  4. If the item xml price is legit, no high value which could set the price, that mean you are using some shared pack(?) where someone hard-coded it, so he can be a hackz0z, I see no other option.
  5. The structure is wrong on so many levels. Better look on other htm files.. You open td, then again open it, but don't close. Button tag is broken <> da fak. Buy some glasses or forget buttons.
  6. Check the Escape user command handler. There is all you need. It's using a skill, from memory. You have to edit the skill coords. What you did, most likely, you edited default behavior of 'To village'.
  7. Atm it's NOT a share, just a redirect, which I believe, is against rules. You must include the download link as well.
  8. Most likely there is some validation, list with available buffs. Your new skill isn't there and bam, jail. I suppose. There are no people using that pack, willing to help. Rest of active guys won't download and dig to give answers. You better ask directly on their forum.
  9. Then do some effort and add missing part, which is adding new values to classes xml to match max lvl values..
  10. Actually it's shared on mxc like 2-3 times, even @Trance shared some formula - at least on acis forum. You didn't search, at least good enough.
  11. It won't. It's up to you which way you choose, xml or core. Locked.
  12. RequestSellItem.java int price = item.getReferencePrice() / 2; Change it to 0. Yet, client, still, will display adena on dialog.
  13. If it's already shared and that easy as copy paste, then do it yourself and buy instances or whatever it's missing. Good luck looking for something decent for such price. At best, you will get old shared pack. No one serious will waste time to c/p, test everything and fix bugs for 50e. I bet you want to buy that pack to sell it further. @V-Ray will do it for 49.99€.
  14. I believe there is no choose option. You simply get reward once with items and buff is accessible all the time (12h) or even once. At least I would do like that - and actually did.
  15. Normally it's L2NpcInstance. Adjust to your pack - simply check another instance file, see what does it extends.
  16. I don't see people bragging anywhere lately and if ppl bother you, flame people, not a guy who code for fun from time to time. If acis would be a 999euro paid project then yeah, it would be complete long time ago / you could blame and flame Tk for doing nothing. But currently, you shouldn't say anything. Wait what? 'Failed so hard', what does that mean and what does aCis have in common. It did not 'fail' because of the pack, just lack of players. The pack, nor the dev(s) are guilty of failure of a (empty) server. You could say that when tons of people come and the se
  17. Cool story, but no one cares. Bug section exists, you didn't discover anything new. Dunno what's the reason of that topic. Just keep developing for your customer / for yourself and be quiet. You can also start your own project and finish it. No? Then shut up. Another 'drama' topic. If you want super duper finished, fixed project take l2 scripts or lucera.
  18. Stinky topic have colors or tag at least. Check how the drop check is made and do similar.
  19. Your method accepts only strings and we call a double there. Instead of ',' try to use + roundChance + or String.valueOf(roundChance). Should work.
  20. final double chance = drop.getChance() / 10000.; final double roundChance = Math.round(chance * 100.) / 100.; That's all you need, then just call roundChance, like ... item.getName(), " ", roundChance, "%</font></td>"...
  21. There might be properties file, xml or db table which stores your char obj id to let your char be a gm. Just dig.
  22. I told you, you have htm, now find the place where it's used, eclipse > search file > search for the htm name over *Java files. Profit.