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  1. ello men, I am looking for a mod that a player when kills 15 players he catches a hero until he dies or slides, does anyone have? from what I see this only announces, does not add the hero
  2. Aprenda a pronunciar guys I got the mod, no forum acis, because I had no access now I have, thanks
  3. Where did you see that I didn't see?, if these are, you're wrong, it's not just the experience.java table, and everyone here at mxc is incomplete, I tested them all
  4. I understand, it's impossible, I've tried everything, yet I did an action to access the vip forum
  5. if tryskell messed with custom and had something like that in the forum I would donate now to have access, but I think he does not mess with custom right?
  6. friend, I've been researching in various forums and not for months and I don't think there are some posts about, but they are not complete because it is not so modified in an experience.java table
  7. does any blessed soul know how to put lvl max 99 in this 382 jacis?
  8. Someone help I'm trying to put level above 81 in the jacis project, plus whenever I edit in the table experience.java there in the game the player is without status when I try to get the level and gets dead also locked, a long time I'm with this problem if Can someone help me be forever grateful?