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  1. No one got owned RZ. Wish I could show you my methods/tricks live on teamviewer, but that's not happening. Dev is under CV's name.
  2. Really? Could you please show me where all this money is at? Because I need a few bucks. Living in Greece is hard nowadays. Kid, I have no affiliation with L2Hayze. I'm just a GM/Admin on forums on L2Pride, that's all. Wanna blame me for something? Drop proofs.
  3. You are so low in your mind, for real. I'm not the only one with privs there, idiot. I never delete posts, I only censor names. I see a post which has another private server inside? I censor. = EDIT =. I don't know about L2Hayze and what they have done / if they used my name or anything, but you are free to believe whatever you want, I couldn't care less. -- BTW, what does L2hayze has to do with all this? Let me quote my post again.
  4. I have only filtered l2wargate. You can type as much as you want l2aepvp, l2prelude and whatever shitty l2 project names come in your mind. L2Hayze has no affiliation with L2Pride.net nor me as Aphelion. Since L2Pride's closure, I never went to GM/Admin in any other server. Personal choice.
  5. I am what? Lol I don't know a thing about L2Hayze since I was not entirely active all the time to know about the copy-cat servers. I'm not a developer/owner of any server. I even don't allow other servers to be advertised through l2pride.net / l2pride.net/forums. If L2Pride comesback some time in the future, it will be only when Dav decided to do that. L2Pride until then stays as is, just a forum.
  6. amlestatt oh small amlestatt, go on and tell me this story.. because I am really curious to know! Again, you blind money, I'm not talking about the FB profile but about the info in the registrar.
  7. Who said I care for the owner? I care for the people who joined this server because of the supposedly real Colville. I don't give a damn about Dev, I know he is money hungry since when he was born.
  8. Ask what you smartass? Ask what? I can register any domain that I want in your name, in Mark Zuckerberg's name, Bill Gates, etc. It's totally UP TO THE BUYER what name he wants to INSERT. You are just one of Dev's friends, I know. I have dropped proofs on the table and you throw BS.
  9. 1. Turn off the caps you fake little ass kid. 2. Because there's a Facebook Profile that does not mean it's real or associated with the name in the registrar. 3. I'm not Meitux. Meitux = Abyssal. I am Aphelion, blind monkey. 4. I know you are some close person to Dev. ---- @SilverWind, at the moment "Colville" is Dev. Fake name.
  10. I can also register a domain under a fake name. Have you ever bought a domain before? You just fill whatever you want in the name/last name fields, etc. Mr Lestatt, I don't know if you are Dev's friend or something but my methods work 100% as intended. This is not the real ColVille.
  11. Yo-ho-ho.. Lurking on MXC for such a long time made really just log in and step in this. So, where do I start? I will start from the fact that I am kind of amused that after such a long time since L2Pride's closure everyone is still mentioning it / trying to copy, etc. That's really amusing. Although, I'm not here to express how I feel about this fact. I'm here to stop all this bullshit about Colville / Dev. -- I did a small research, used s0m3 maj0r h4x0r skills of mine and got some stuff to show you. -- His SMF Board reports ColVille's IP as: IP: 89.210.7
  12. Hello, As you probably may know (which I doubt) I was/(or still I am? I don't know) a GM on L2Pride. Well, L2Pride died for numerous reasons. -Dav actually went 'afk' for a really long time -Part of staff were proven to be corrupted (a lot of damages because of this) -hNoke ("Event developer" of L2Pride (owner of Nexus Engine) Yes, Dav was actually away from developing L2Pride for a long time. He was actively watching the game, but he rarely touching it. Reasons: University, IRL responsibilities. Some GM's were proved to be corrupted, damaging in game economy, characters, e