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  1. Hello everyone! [new way to have more posts, huh? :p]
  2. So simple, so sweet ;) Thanks a lot for share, great, useful thing.
  3. Whoaa, great account O_o I wish i had such magnificent items <3 This account is worth a good car......
  4. Btw, when error with graphic card, replace l2.ini file. It helped me.
  5. More effort please :p Try to write few words more :> Btw, funny trick, thanks for share dude. Ftw!
  6. Best names are the shortest ones for me (4 or even less letters). Actually there are no short names on my accounts :p Few of mine: BeautyLady (sexy woman th) BestPrices (spoiler) enough :p
  7. Dragon x15 top c from luxury shop (during 7 signs overenchanted were changed to homunkulus) best: +12, broke at +13 one +11 two +10 few +9, +8 is easy to get (using logical method: buy for example 10 top c grade, have a lot of ewc, 200 or more, start enchanting: all to +3 first, after that +4, when something breaks, enchant that weapon with the biggest enchant and go on...)
  8. fl90 ifl90 best price/quality of both ~3000zl in poland and thats about 833 euro
  9. On DN people are banned from time to time for using this kind of exploits and bugged textures as i remember.. Btw, thanks for share, might be useful for someone.
  10. C5+interlude will come in Drake's time (christmas but 2008 ;p). It has already been tested on luna (there were few people online).
  11. I had been playing demo for few hours, was attractive for some time but it was easy to get bored.
  12. Isnt so bad (screenshot on wikipedia)
  13. As far as i remember flyff didnt work on my computer ;p
  14. I have just looked at screenshots, the game looks amazing. Cinematic trailer also brings 'devastating emotions' ;)
  15. I play the witcher.. in my dreams :p my computer is so slow that i cannot even launch the game awesome graphics, over 100 of main character animations and even more
  16. divine1

    DN x15

    http://www.dragon-community.net/dnwiki/index.php/Main_Page DragonNetwork wikipedia
  17. Useful programs, thanks a lot dude, ftw!
  18. Your site is good. btw, the woman with longest nails looks terrible :S - how to live with that crap?
  19. Nothing i could set as a wallpaper on my computer :p
  20. divine1


    Yep, a lot of downtimes. But why? GM is trying to cope with all of these exploits :)