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  1. Soccer for sure ;) Most common sport in the world.
  2. Looks magnificent, cool animations and graphics. But my computer is too slow :p
  3. Great share, thanks man. I only hope it works with RapidShare.
  4. Season #1 was good, i wanted to watch every episode. Season #2 became boring, i stopped watching it. Season #3 havent watched.
  5. THE LONGEST DIARY EVER Robert Shields 's diary measures in at an estimated 37 million words. Holy shit..
  6. Interesting, but good for newbies only. Anyway, thanks for share.
  7. This is awesome ;) I dont have to waste time for checking drops on the site.
  8. I must try this ;) Thanks a lot for this share, hope it works well.
  9. Language formal in style- difficult to understand. Btw, interesting ;)
  10. Great, fully explained script creation. Thanks for share.
  11. Few names might be useful, most of them arent really awesome at all :p
  12. Most wanted and carbon are games which complement one another. Play mw to play during the day or carbon to play at night ;)
  13. Colin McRae Rally, Rally Championship, NFS (High Stakes / Road Challenge mostly)
  14. I prefer heavy and club music also ;)
  15. Helpful, thanks a lot. Easy and fast creation of a website ;)
  16. Thanks for information that there is a program like this to download.
  17. Wow! That list is simply great. Useful for everyone who wants to play something other than l2 and have no time to look for it ;)
  18. Thanks for share, there is a little difference but its also good.
  19. Starwars, Lord of the rings, Transformers, Pirates of Caribbean
  20. Ive been thinking about this. After playing some time I didnt get a ban so its safe in my opinion.