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  1. I don't wanna drag this post, I'm actually looking for a person or the team that had previously created/worked on a server called fractionwars. I might be interested in obtaining the server files if he/they still have them. Not sure yet, either way I wanna have chat first. As far as I remember the server owner was called 'Herami' and there was another GM or Admin called 'tReXperT' or 'Trexx'. For more info, there is still an old post at hopzone. I tried to search their nicknames on google with multiple keywords but couldn't find a thing (I guess they weren't really fond of those names and chan
  2. Hate to be a downer but I feel that this topic will be forgotten within a few weeks and the outcome will be that everyone is too bored and old to work on a l2 project. Edit: Initially I wrote about 500 words but figured what the hell it's not worth it.
  3. Hahahah pretty much what I thought about it. Also not that it matters greatly but Admins who can't write properly in English or let me rephrase that.. Hmm people who cannot express their thoughts as they would and their grammar sucks is an obvious sign of failure/boredom and pretty much shows that you don't really care that much. Also there are no pictures or anything, no banner. Nothing! Again I might be wrong but at "l2 times" like these, everything matters. So far you have shown zero (0) professionalism. On the bright side though, I like some of the modifications mentioned above. I
  4. What is the f**king deal with you russian b1tches. Wrongfully claiming things, Jesus Christ. Elixir was indeed a pretty stable and great server overall with a friendly community. If I'm not mistaken it was also a Greek project with a lot of EU players. Also as someone else pointed out the admins knew how to behave themselves and could speak English fluently. You my Good Sir can't do neither. Please man-up and delete this topic ASAP, I don't like to side with people but Krea is 100% right in this matter. You created a new acc just 10 days ago while some of the original GMs and Admins of old
  5. Bump for old times sake. Kinda hyped for this one, must of been my very first server along with TheGame, good-fun-(again)old times with no crazy overpowered SHIT but pure L2 at it's finest. Hopefully we'll gather a proper amount of people for the Grand Opening. Spread the word further ( friends / social network buddies / people who might wanna try it ) if you're interested yourself.
  6. I'm not interested into re-creating anything just curious how did you start playing there and did you found any english translated patch?
  7. Not the best tutorial I've read over the years but still it seems that you spent sometime and wrote it by your own so gj. However this tutorial is very basic. You could spend like twenty or more minutes of your time and show everyone how to create a tiny macro for example, would look way more impressive than this. A good place for someone to ask questions regarding any sort of coding would be stackoverflow. Btw just realized how old this topic is, but couldnt delete it so just bare with me..
  8. That's one of the fonts I mentioned if you look closely on the letter A or G or E on this pic and compare the 2 logo you will easily spot the differences. FYI I had already searched on Dafont/L2 Boards(OFF forums)/Pmfun. (Y) I Won this duel pal!
  9. I know that the Font used on the Logo of Lineage 2 was probably made by NCSoft but I just had to ask if someone maybe tried to recreate it or actually found it in a different L2 Forum. I've looked around and all I found was a stupid replica with just 1-3 letters that kinda look like the original Font. I'm about to start a new project for L2 (nothing to do with server development) and it would be really awesome to use the same font as the game has. Anyway the topic is really lame :-* :-* :-* :-* . However if anyone could help feel free to post! Thanks a lot!
  10. Lately I have been really busy and working my ass off on many things at the same time, so I have abandoned L2 a bit for the last 3-4 months. But since you all know or at least most of you, this game is really irreplaceable and probably the top MMORPG and most Epic at the same time. That is why I recently started gaming again( a bit dota only ), but I would really like to make a comeback on L2. Thought of playing on Cerberus or Toxic since they are both great servers but then again they are kinda low rate and I do not possess that much time to be equal enough with others on a desirable l
  11. I got a JB(6.1.2 or 6.1.3 too lazy to check now) Iphone 5 and even though it's just great the way it looks I'm really curious to check IOS 7, the design is kinda simple/flat but most apps will update sooner or later, or even new one's will come that are really "compatible" with the new iOS.. IMO if you haven't jailbroken yours then just go ahead and update it to iOS 7.
  12. Build Your Kingdom! Click to Join! Playing Games For 5 Minutes A Day Is All It Takes To Make Money With Kingdom Craze...But How? What is Kingdom Craze? Kingdom Craze is the brand new gaming network that actually pays people to play games. And I know you're probably instantly skeptical, but trust me when I say that this is different. Kingdom Craze is the real deal. Not only is Kingdom Craze a gaming network, it's a game all of it's own... How do you make money playing games? The reality is you don't actually make "money" in Kingdom Craze, you earn "Krun", the in-game currency used in Kin
  13. Well good for him, in fact I've been in online marketing some months now and noticed what an income you can get from a forum. Some populated forums almost force you to upgrade like 2-3 times to stay in the game. So it's like +30-50$ from each forum member(and there are a lot of stupid kids who do that). Just wanted to share this thought with this community, one could easily start a forum and spend sometime to advertise it and also make a fair income from it. Ofc Maxcheaters and all the lineage 2 forums are one of a kind and cannot be replaced :) . Btw kinda off topic. Haven't
  14. I have some game related websites with ads and I make 5-6$ a day with just 600-700 unique visitors. It's actually normal to make like 100+ from all that traffic.
  15. So what do you people think of their daily income ? I did some research for fun on vampirestat.com. In my experience whatever income appears there is usually a +20-30%. So basically both pmfun and maxcheaters make a shitload daily with their forums :) what do you guys think? Shouldn't we all start a forum as soon as possible with something unique or game related to make a fortune ourselves?