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  1. really good server, I quite like it, but it would be good to advertise it more and get some more ppl! God luck!
  2. The server seems online. Anyone played there already to give an opinion?
  3. I opened l2.ini of my system with l2fileedit 6.5 and it has all sort of information apart from ip adress. What should I do? I cannot work the ig..the L2net stays stuck to listen. What should I do?
  4. iparxei periptosh na min douleuei se siggekrimenous server? pos omos kataferan na to elenxoun auto? afou ginetai apo meria tou pc..:S
  5. I cannot open the game window and everytime I try, I get an error and the l2net closes. The error is something about not being able to load SlimDX.dll Does anybody know what the problem might be? Thanks
  6. i think this server is one of the best ive seen as there is no donation that unbalances the gameplay but it would very good if there were some pvp events and generally other events from GMs.
  7. fakoy i think is more active and good at his job.
  8. i use avg and spyware doctor and ad-aware,im fully protected with all these.
  9. very good server,good luck i will join you definetely.
  10. very good weapons,i like them a lot,keep up the good work.