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  1. Here on L2Vesta the community board not only serves to keep you updated on upcoming features and events, but it also provides access to the server leaderboard, custom kill stats about your own character and a region that shows online players and some information about them. The Top PvP leaderboard is fairly simple, it shows the currently top ranked 20 players based on PvP's but it also shows their online status, pk count, base class, level, clan, ally, fame and pvp count Join on http://l2vesta.com .
  2. Join jow pvp custom server best balanced www.l2eternity.eu www.l2eternity.eu www.l2eternity.eu www.l2eternity.eu
  3. L2Eternity Custom PvP Interlude Server 23/02/2014 20:00 GMT +2 FRESH START www.l2eternity.eu www.l2eternity.eu www.l2eternity.eu Server Rates Exp: x2000 Sp: x2000 Drop items: x1 Drop adena: x2000 Enchant Rates Allowed Hero Weapons Enchantment Safe Enchant: +4 Max Enchant: +20 Normal Enchantment Scroll: 70% Crystal Enchantment Scroll: 100% Blessed Enchantment Scroll: 100% Custom Items Custom Armor Custom Weapon Tattoo Custom (Mage/Fighter) Mask's Custom (Same stats all) Custom Zone's For Farm Custom Raid-Boss Custom Npc's Gattekeper Symbol Marker Augmenter Custom Shop Top 10 Players
  4. Succes for you server!:) (Meritai ceva mai bun) Felicitari man "Best server"
  5. UP , Here xCreminalsSs Server is GOOD!:)
  6. Like this server...:)Join us !
  7. Good Luck D3ath with you server! Verry good wiped :) we need..